Face recognition technology is widely used, the brush face pay six major advantages explanation!

by:Fdata     2020-05-21
Face recognition technology constantly improve, began to widely used in all walks of life, brush face pay is very good example. In the future, the Internet technology unceasing innovation, also let payment has brought the unprecedented change, even if we go out without a mobile phone and wallet, still can enjoy all kinds of business services. Brush face pay six major advantages: 1 seconds kill other payment convenience after cash & rarr; Bank card & rarr; Phone and yards after payment change, people's way of life has been brought many convenient payment method innovation change, although sweep code compared to pay in cash and bank CARDS has too many convenient, but still can't get rid of the shackles of the hardware device, until the arrival of the brush face pay, thoroughly to subvert it. 2: brush face more secure payment on biological generated secret key encryption technology and space sharing learning technology, while meet the biometric recognition ability, satisfy the biometric template one-way transformation and revocable requirements, such as implementation of user privacy protection and safe use of distributed data. 3: pay sweep speed boost brush face payment than code quick payment many, users no longer need to take out a cellular phone to open the qr code or password, the whole process is fast and efficient. At the same time because it is a self-help operation, also removed from the queue of waiting, the sweep. In addition, simple and quick operation, especially good for the old man. 4: merchants greatly reduce labor costs in the supermarket, for example, every supermarket needs the cashier, the cashier wage costs in the supermarket in proportion, brush face pay self-help cashier system, can greatly reduce labor cost, don't need so many cashiers, down the cost, can give consumers more benefits. 5: payment and authentication together with the traditional account password, brush a face, like fingerprints, face became pass to account, an information directly binding the account and password, both no longer separation, biological recognition provides exceptional convenience, this is unmatched by any other account password combination. 6: business business better do brush face payment system, intelligent cashier for merchants to provide a comprehensive range of face recognition scheme and offline marketing scene, people, goods, scene for offline in the scene consumption, terminal elements such as the wisdom of a full upgrade, realize the payment, member, card coupons, advertising the wisdom of various operation, let offline merchant's business is no longer difficult. Under the impetus of the alipay and WeChat official, more and more people know it exists, and gradually blend in their own life. Compared to its payment convenience, many entrepreneurs to care more about the value behind more than billions of huge market. As mobile payment and the combination of artificial intelligence, brush face pay is nowadays the most potential of Internet startup project.
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