Face recognition technology new battleground, brush face pay commercial value!

by:Fdata     2020-05-07
Brush face payment is necessary for the demand of the market, will replace the existence of the qr code, begin from 2018, pay treasure and WeChat payment will aim to brush face this scene, launched brush face equipment dragonflies and frogs, increasing market investment and subsidies. Countless incoming incoming enthusiastically. Last December, the favourable activity with alipay announced before the Spring Festival. Since that month 28 January 18, 2020, every Saturday, regardless of the new and old users, brush face pay through alipay dragonfly machine, can enjoy the full 20 minus 3 yuan. So, brush face pay real battlefield in where? We see the offline payment to paraphrase WeChat is go out, but go out is not to produce second value. Business model in a relationship can continue long-term and the user model is more valuable. So predictable brush face to pay above the screen is not really a key battleground. The real key battleground eventually need to go back to the extension of electronic equipment mobile phone, this is a place anytime, anywhere access to the user. So, brush face localization should be paid a drainage entrance, is a hook, the user back to ali or tencent on the APP. If the battlefield to eventually returned to the mobile terminal, brush face payment is defined as the product of a drainage entrance, so ali and tencent will make public equipment private screen through what means the seamless joint between private to private device screen? I can think of is a small program. Tencent and ali layout of small procedures, very early small program is the lightweight carrier, can quickly in the brush face quickly switch on the terminal and mobile terminal. According to data, 38. 6% of users considered brush face for main advantage is high intelligent degree, other accounts for higher pay no advantages include medium so as to avoid mobile phone no electricity, forgot to pay, and reduce the payment time, new experiences, etc. Compared to scan code pays, fingerprints and other conventional mobile payment, brush face pay reduced the users and for the medium in the form of contact between processes, and improve the degree of intelligent and convenient payment. Brush face a form of payment for conventional mobile payment is the advantage of a good supplement, has natural advantages in user experience.
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