Face recognition technology widely used when rich 丨 shenzhen science and technology of P15 brush face a cash register

by:Fdata     2020-06-22
The progress of science and technology to promote the rapid development of the artificial intelligence industry, face recognition technology is one of the most dramatic emphasis. Facial recognition technology in all walks of life, they have been imperceptibly permeated our daily life, has brought great convenience to our lives, mobile payment, airport security, banking self-service, bus rides, family locks, village entrance guard, unit attendance, etc. The technique applied to every field, especially in the fields when there are applied to the technology, and application range are also growing. In shenzhen, when science and technology ( Hereinafter referred to as: when rich) Was founded in 2009, is a fast growing high-tech science and technology enterprises, products include: intelligent touch-screen android all-in-one, touch pos machine, face recognition to visit airliner, Windows intelligent terminals, the all-in-one android labor, industrial touch monitors and so on. Are widely used in multimedia advertising media, wisdom, catering and retail, household, intelligent entrance guard, transportation, finance, electric power, tourism, hotels, intelligent manufacture and so on all walks of life, product sales all over more than 30 countries and regions, Europe and America, Depth cooperation with a number of well-known domestic enterprises to provide professional intelligent custom services, software and hardware can meet the hardware and software of intelligent equipment custom requirements. Artificial intelligence era, in the big data and the backdrop of the rapid development of AI technology, mobile payment has spread, it is convenient to use mobile payment, so more and more people tend to bring out all don't bring cash only. But it also revealed a problem sometimes, cell phone is power off to do, what to do with cell phone is lost. Cell phone signal not even not on the network? When rich launch brush face to pay the company equipment can perfectly solve the problem. Brush face pay equipment comes with 4 g networks, without having to worry about no wifi, no traffic, brush only 3 seconds P15 brush face to face to pay the cash register. Brush face pay equipment is divided into two modes: 1, the similar sweeping code gun plug and play, Similar alipay dragonfly) ; 2, embedded merchants of ERP system, the realization of self-service pattern, similar to when rich P15 brush face a cash register. P15 brush face is not only a product appearance level as the cash register, and function is unique! What advantage then P15 brush face a cash register? Pay 1, support pay treasure to brush a face, but also support payment code, not speech cashier. Suitable for various medium restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels and other cashier scene. 2, merchants O brush pay face barriers to access, cutting-edge technology to brush face technology, easily implement brush face payment, help businesses to upgrade the checkout counter. Private mold design, aluminum alloy base, noble purple edge to adorn your checkout. 3, the scheme of industrial motherboard android 7. 1 operating system, memory is big, pressure running smart cashier system. The 3 d structure light camera, accurate positioning, sweep easily, fast payment. 4, the 13. 3' + 13. 3' Cashier clearer Gao Qingzhu screen, orders and simple operation. 5, with 10. 1 inch high aimlessness screen, can touch. Brush face a cash register, vice screen can be used to store ads, activities, product promotion, etc. In under the condition of high flow, can also be as advertising to other businesses to earn the rent at so as to realize the efficient use of the cash register, is both brush face a cash register and advertising machine. Merchants access equipment P15 brush brush face after face a cash register, not only effectively improving customer cashier experience, but also greatly improve the efficiency of cashier. 2019 is a year pay brush face the wind, payment from mobile payment officially entered the brush face, and as a brush face to pay the POS industry equipment manufacturers, also has made steady progress in as the pace of The Times.
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