Face recognition technology, wore broader application range

by:Fdata     2020-06-22
The rapid development of science and technology, times change constantly. The application of face recognition technology has been perfectly, which are widely applied to all walks of life! Below we see is mainly used to what aspects of life: s brush face entrance guard wait for can literally in and out of other people? Of course not! Now part of the property management community, units, schools, enterprises and other visitors entrance guard system is enabled for face recognition, the system can use facial recognition technology be collected information of a face recognition system, to prevent unauthorised personnel or criminals broke into. S brush face security on high-speed rail also need your id card and ticket to police check? Of course not. Now high MTR station, airport security, wicket are using face recognition for identity verification. From the face and ticket information automatic identification check to progress smoothly, and using identity information is unable to stop or boarding. S brush face shopping forgot to take my wallet phones can pay? Every large-and-medium cities are currently shopping malls supermarkets, retail store in the brush face pay equipment, customers shopping checkout without cash, mobile phone or bank card, can brush a face can be identified quickly for payment transaction. S brush face travel hotel forgot to take my id card, still can stay in a hotel? Part of the city hotel has been implemented to brush face in function: the hotel front desk placed the visitors to a laptop size facial recognition devices. Click on the touch screen did not bring along their identity certificates, enter the id number, cameras, 2 seconds, the screen display face recognition successfully. S brush face sign in large conference and exhibition, a large number of admission and concentration of population, will make the scene management is very difficult, but for using large gatherings of face recognition, conference brush face sign in system sign in just 1 second, people don't even need a short stay. S face brush station passengers did not take the paper tickets can ride? The current domestic high-speed, part of the passenger terminal have enabled brush face into the station. Passengers don't need to produce the paper tickets, just put the card on the induction area, standing in front of the screen face recognition system, the system will automatically identify a train ticket information, through gate mouth after a successful identification. S face brush withdrawals at present, domestic Banks have support to brush face cash withdrawals, people can choose brush face recognition, on an ATM system promptly started to detection of face recognition. After, can enter the id number, after choosing the trading card withdrawals user name and eventually enter the password, entity. S face brush query provident fund housing accumulation fund since last year from a query work to brush a face. A wink, can query personal accumulation fund information in real time. The premise is to be on a mobile phone App to download a scanning software. S brush face dining now colleges and universities to keep pace with The Times, successively introduced the brush face to eat. With that, the students can not afraid forgot the meal card, as long as you stand in front of the dining room to brush a face equipment for 2 seconds, can complete checkout take food. S brush face to bring toilet paper free toilet paper by malicious waste, domestic to explore ways to establish intelligent public toilets. Residents go to the toilet, brush after face can take toilet paper for free. To avoid waste, the machine is also equipped with vomit paper time interval, the same person after take toilet paper to wait 10 minutes, the face can be identified again. S brush face travel along with the development of the tourism industry, the original artificial ticket huge effort of scenic spots, and prone to fraud and other holes. Now many of the scenic area were set up at the entrance face recognition check system. Visitors just in front of the equipment for face recognition success could easily into the garden. When rich, face recognition attendance sign-in system s brush brush face face medical hospital self-service devices, to register, pay cost provides a way of payment. Patients to hospital see a doctor, according to operation procedure after facial recognition input alipay binding mobile number, the whole process of around 10 seconds. Have to say that brush face is so widely used, such as the recent speculation over the shenzhen airport, wisdom airport operation mode has landed, large travel services on a face all!
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