Face recognition temperature measurement and entrance guard machine power school epidemic prevention and control

by:Fdata     2020-05-21
Recently, the face recognition temperature testing equipment is very popular. Epidemic is not over, but all over the country have been clear of school time, facing the back-to-school, schools are bound to face challenge how to prevent and control the spread of the epidemic, and non-contact infrared induction temperature measuring face recognition entrance guard all-in-one will inevitably become a resumption and schooling entrance guard around the visitors just need equipment management. According to the forecast, in addition to mask the start of this year, the school temperature measuring face recognition terminal market will be hot, a surge in demand! I liked this, by the shenzhen vision ( RAKINDA) Independent research and development production of science and technology of thermal imaging temperature measurement + AI face recognition entrance guard all-in-one will try my best to school ( Return to work/government units, etc. ) Provide prevention and control of power! It is understood that shenzhen vision ( RAKINDA) Temperature measuring face recognition of the school relies mainly on the infrared remote terminal temperature, reduce the contact between people, so as to reduce the risk of infection. Look from the function, it has a strong non-contact brush face temperature + access visitor management function, can free collocation with wisdom campus management system ( Face/visitors access control attendance management system management system, etc. ) Around downtown, perfect for enterprise office building, school, community, places of public service, government units, such as testing temperature, identification and access control of complex application scenario. From a performance point of view, it is to control the temperature precision error is 0. Within 2 ℃, even wearing a mask can quickly identify the identification accuracy can reach above 95%. Simple, fast, safe and accurate judgment and whether there is a temperature anomalies, at the same time through the facial recognition for identification, once found abnormal temperature access will automatically alarm, can not only control the new crown and the spread of the virus, and can prevent foreign personnel with; Check none stop, temperature does not contact, 24-hour automatic temperature test identification function. Will be deployed in face recognition temperature entrance guard all-in-one campus scene, from the perspective of the demand of short-term, indeed, it is after the outbreak may not need! But infrared measuring temperature is only one of its emergency function, facial recognition access control attendance function is the core functionality of medium and long term with our daily life. Whether in the outbreak period or not, the layout the main purpose of the temperature measuring terminal face recognition are using authentication function of access control devices, campus entrance right personnel, teachers and students to effectively identify, record and control, in order to ensure safety of teachers and students and promote the wisdom campus in intelligent management, effectively reduce the manpower cost. At present, various series of face recognition temperature measurement in shenzhen vision (entrance guard machine RAKINDA) Website sell like hot cakes, and widely deployed in different application scenarios around the country provides an important support for the smooth of epidemic prevention.
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