Face recognition temperature measuring equipment and the forehead temperature gun comparative advantage

by:Fdata     2020-06-21
Recent foreign epidemic situation is particularly serious, domestic overseas input of cases and asymptomatic infections are also on the increase, the epidemic disease resistance is still a bit can not lax, means that in the long period of time, temperature detection is a rigid demand, temperature detection equipment is expected to become the next pass the standard. Temperature detection instruments and equipment, the first thought of, is undoubtedly a while ago fired forehead temperature had a gun. At that time the forehead temperature gun is fired to the high price, because of its capacity of far couldn't keep up with demand. The forehead temperature gun is not ordinary electronic products, it belongs to the category of medical apparatus and instruments, production and operation of medical equipment qualification is required. Then the core device of thermopile infrared sensor production involves many technical and industrial chain, the forehead temperature gun finished product quality testing speed is limited by blackbody furnace and constant temperature room, as well as main control chip MCU, operational amplifiers, such as shell material dynamic change. These are the limits temperature gun capacity quickly climb the key factors. In addition, the personage inside course of study points out, the forehead temperature gun in actual use process, there is precision is easy to fall, need to manually, long waiting time and other shortcomings. Due to the actual use the forehead temperature gun need manual operation, also means that the need for an additional prevention and control, and artificial detection is easy to slip, once appear, gap, dare not imagine consequences. In the long run, in order to avoid the outbreak of large-scale again, automation, low cost, efficient temperature detecting traffic scheme will be the future trend of development. Second, temperature detection, face recognition and other multi-function integrated intelligent plate surface, the effect of the emergence of forehead temperature gun is mainly used for rapid detection of temperature and much used in area doorway, companies, shopping malls supermarkets, schools, etc. Although you can choose the subway, the station that similar temperature door, but the cost is very high, covers an area of space and equipment. Some think mobile phones equipped with temperature measuring module, but actually nowadays feasibility and extension is not high. Then, multi-function integrated intelligent face plate began to appear, in addition to detect temperature, can also be collected images, detecting human face, masks and so on. Most important, in addition to rapid temperature measurement, it can save manpower, small floor space, you only need to install in the passage there, for schools, communities, ordinary supermarket shopping malls, business office buildings and other places has huge application advantages. Temperature detection + face recognition using smart face plate as we have learned, temperature detection + face recognition intelligent machine has the following characteristics. 1, high temperature precision, quick screening by integrating matrix infrared sensor, intelligent plate surface, the detection of temperature accuracy is 0. 3 ℃, if the temperature is beyond the normal range, the voice alarm. 2, relying on the backend database, wore masks can also be face recognition by up to 30000 zhang's face bottom library data, combined with the AI algorithms, can be in the case of wear a face mask for face recognition. And, once the recognition to the workers did not wear face mask, will not only capture upload, voice alarm on the spot. 3, the machine size, support wall, vertical loading, etc. , convenient installation as tablets, smart face plate size installation can choose wall or stand, save floor space and manpower. As you can see, the multifunctional intelligent machine has many advantages, not only can make up for the forehead temperature gun supply gap, still can save the epidemic prevention and control of human, perhaps in the near future, the chance to become multi-functional intelligent panel people accepted standard. Is based on this, many companies began to engaged in the r&d and production of multi-functional intelligent face plate, such as orientation to solve the problem of human-computer interaction scenario sensing technology solutions for business in shenzhen technology co. , LTD. , when for the outbreak to act quickly, at the end of last year had already completed the test validation of related products, and put into use in small batch markets.
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