Face recognition unsafe? To brush a face pay not trust? Look at the industry expert how to say!

by:Fdata     2020-06-22
Recently, a news from abroad, according to a us company by 3 d printing face mask cheated over the world within the scope of the human face recognition system, also said in the same way to enter the China's railway station. The news, many people questioned his for the safety of face recognition. Now pay treasure and WeChat pay two all said, if appear account for unauthorized may apply for a full pay. Only revealed in the report, the use of 3 d printing mask fool with a face recognition system, but did not disclose what facial recognition devices. If just breached the technical level of 2 d camera, it can't prove that the 3 d structure light camera also can be breached. In fact, due to different equipment, the application of face recognition technology, as well as the attacks on the environment is different, which is formed by the 3 d printing face camouflage effect can not be in a nutshell. For example, using 3 d mask attack is now behind the 2 d face recognition device or low cost of 2 d + facial recognition devices have cheated the possibility of human face recognition system. Industry in the expert analysis, if in the case of bad lighting conditions attack binocular stereo 3 d facial recognition devices have some success in theory, but the attack is the most advanced, and is not affected by light, high precision of 3 d structure light and TOF 3 d face recognition equipment is almost impossible. In other words, if use the most advanced 3 d printing products to attack the relatively backward in face recognition technology and technological achievements, doesn't mean it's not safe to facial recognition technology. Brush face payment security, technical personnel must have the understanding. Not long ago, the industry experts from the point of view of technology in parsing the brush face payment security! The brush we know face pay may be just on the scanning lens according to the screen prompts to complete the payment of an action. Brush face to pay the actual can be broken down into: the first step is to detect human faces. The footage of which an area belongs to the human face detection. The second step, registration faces. As a result of the algorithm is used to detect human faces in the point of view each have differences, so you need to use the key location technology to describe people's facial features, registration of human face, the face of different Angle unified reverse direction to positive face. The third step, live detection, through integrated hardware and software algorithm to determine whether a camera captured human living. In the early days of live tests, general use motion detection, such as the blink of an eye, nodding; Now living detection has been applied 3 d structure light, infrared technology, such as a revolutionary promotion in the recognition accuracy, and the safe hidden trouble of the picture fool camera also will no longer appear. After three steps in front of the pretreatment, really into the stage of face recognition. The fourth step, face feature said. This process will face image into a series of numerical characteristics of the fixed length. And the coding process is not reversible. That is to say, this characteristic can't decode for the original face images, ruled out the privacy issues. Fifth, face recognition. The input facial image features and facial features in the library collection, this paper compares and analyzes identify faces as the identity of the corresponding input. In the face of the current brush face payment security or not, industry experts must answer is given. First of all, on the accuracy, compare the fingerprint identification of 600000th of a false detection rate, face recognition under the condition of current technology can error detection rate has been less than one over one million. Secondly, in terms of technology, the use of security technology includes 3 d structure light, near infrared, image quality evaluation, etc. , to ensure that the camera faces for living. In terms of privacy protection, like treatment only part of face features, and only generated in the process of identification; If after the identification process, features disappear automatically. In addition, the current pay treasure, WeChat in the financial risk control and account on implementation of security measures. Improving as the financial protection technology progress, the possibility of accounts for unauthorized hasten to zero. Which industry, whether it is a new technology available will experience a variety of questions about the test, the development of any technology will not happen overnight, face payment as well. At present, face recognition technology is still in the continually updated iterations, brush face pay also in the initial stage of the ground spread. For now, face recognition + payment password is both convenient and safe way. Brush face pay link, can be used to pay password, live detection, data of multicomponent factors such as transaction validation tags. Mr Hu shi wrote afraid what truth is, into one inch one inch of joy. Hope everyone can view of emerging technology to progress. We always believe that, as the industry's wisdom, attaches great importance to the supervision of official power, brush face to pay for the development of more and more toward compliance, orderly prosperity road.
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