Face to pay the incarnations of 丨 innovation, continuous development!

by:Fdata     2020-08-10
In July 2013, the Finnish company Uniqul launched the world's first brush face payment system based on the technology of face recognition, and to pilot. In the gas station there is risk in relation to the mobile payment controversial scenes, Uniqul trying to use face pay solve the scene spot, pay the convenient degree of ascension. In addition, in business, clothing stores, airports and other scenes, Uniqul imagining their face to pay for the future of the form. In 2015, Mr Ma demonstrate face for the first time in Hanover, Germany IT fair pay, stir all over the world. At that time still no large-scale commercial case, however, face to pay the Demo stage. On September 1, 2017, pay treasure to paid by KFC restaurant KPro ShangXianRen face, their equipment is not mobile self-service order machine, brush it is face to pay the first commercial pilot on a global scale. In December 2017, WeChat payment and twill to fashion group cooperation launched jack Jones faces wisdom fashion shop. On August 15, 2018, in the ant gold Open Day, brush face pay alipay announced officially commercial. In the coming year will be to various business scenarios popular self-help cashier + brush face payment solutions. In November 2018, the world's first brush support face stay in the hotel, alibaba hotel officially opened in the future. On December 13, 2018, pay treasure to sky wave hand in hand create new faces payment products dragonflies, face pay access costs by 80%, deeply the general merchants welcome. In 2019, the sky wave and burger king make face pay self-help machine, improve the efficiency of the stores in order to reduce labor cost, improve profits more than three times. At present, the sky wave has launched face pay the pos machine, face pay self-help machine, face pay cash register, face pay car terminal, face entrance guard, such as face attendance application scenario. In the future, I believe sky wave will develop more facial products, create a more human face application scenario convenient people's life.
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