Facial recognition access control attendance machine, the realization of building intelligent integration of the scientific management

by:Fdata     2020-05-20
Brush face entrance guard promising! Avoid these industry giants can also make money in particular, I don't agree with early open around the branch. Open this branch usually some incentives, such as the local government to give you some policies, or rent free for you, or how much money per recruit a college student to fill, and human cost must be low, but they ignored the communication cost. Thunderbolt at the time of 1000 people, we still found in Beijing, shenzhen communication efficiency is lower than at the time of working too much. Startup actually need more efficiency, because the rhythm faster. You earn a little bit of petty gain so dominant, but hidden in you lower the efficiency. For authorized owner, open method of access control system mainly has four kinds: one is the id key, brush their own id card owner can open the door; Second, IC card keys, according to the entrance card copy is invalid, not like a normal entrance card can replicate; Third, mobile phone keys, APP owners watch mobile phone number can be registered domain. Facial recognition access control attendance machine residents in the APP open interface, click and get the qr code and share to the visitors. Owners don't have my card, also can click on the door end code to open the door, to identify success to open the door. Four is like to identify the key, check-in and real-name authentication of users, at the door end area click scan code to open the door, in the face recognition window. Brush face of entrance guard is very flexible, it's visit to the aircraft can meet the requirements of most factories visitors registration, has become many factories the escort's trust. The rapid increase of floating population in China, government agencies, military, electricity, communications, business, residential quarters, schools, offices and other units of the foreign visitor management mostly still stay on see, handwritten artificial management phase. This management way has obviously can not adapt to the new situation of safety management requires. Visitor registration system to represent traditional hand-written visit, the implementation of special when visitors registration, to represent the traditional hand-written visit, the implementation of, when the visitor registration, management integration. Before purchasing can want more clear, don't pursue cheap also consider services, until the product out of the question to find solution then. Versatile and strong expansibility based on the current market scenario application more visitors and the characteristics of multiple data visit aircraft research and development design, more the pursuit of diversity and expanding functions. Whether WeChat booking, the brake linkage, identities, the public security network docking, or other multi-functional linkage, more powerful expansibility better products to meet the moment for building intelligent integration of the scientific management. And this has a powerful technical support is required to complete a series of linkage development function of the docking.
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