Facial recognition access control attendance system development opportunity of the market

by:Fdata     2020-08-10
On February 24, the national most enterprises have to return to work. Critical moment, the comprehensive return to work is not equal to relax control! We still need to do a good job in the prevention and control are the comprehensive rehabilitation, relevant departments are pointed out: to avoid people contact easily infected, each unit shall stop using the fingerprint attendance machine, to switch to other zero contact way to register in and out of the staff. Such as facial recognition access control attendance temperature. Facial recognition access control attendance system clock will ring in attendance is to return to work and production enterprises of one of the best ways, without touching, seconds recognition, rapid deployment installation. Shenzhen bo when facial recognition access control attendance system, can face recognition of attendance at the same time can also detect temperature, is now the epidemic prevention and control of black technology products. And after the facial recognition access control attendance + temperature detection, the attendance time, temperature of related data are uploaded to the epidemic surveillance platform, convenient real-time monitoring the health of employees. Outbreak of face recognition entrance guard system of check on work attendance again lift boom enterprises in the import and export deployment of face recognition to a temperature measuring terminal, staff to work must go through two working face recognition and temperature detection, when the detected temperature is too high, the terminal immediately alert, not allowed to enter the office, the company administrative to deal with relevant personnel, when identifying temperature is normal, can go to work. In the current outbreak strikes in moments of crisis, temperature detection is a very important work, can quickly filtered the personnel of the temperature too high. Shenzhen bo when cooperate with national government defense control, through facial recognition + temperature detection technology to strengthen the enterprise personnel controls, outbreak response to make due contributions to the full power to return to work resumption. Schooling When rich, facial recognition access control attendance system can deploy way: there are three kinds of cloud platform, platform, middleware platform, flexible way of deployment, let face recognition temperature more simple!
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