Factory to return to work need to pay attention to the canteen safety problems

by:Fdata     2020-06-16
Who also did not expect a breath of fresh air, turned out to be so extravagant thing! With a face mask every day, has become the norm in our lives. New type of coronavirus from December 2019 was found up to now, more than 70000 people have been infected. The current outbreak, not to the factory to return to work is imminent, media coverage, as shown in the data as of today there will be 1. 600 million people have to return to work. Factory to return to work, first of all, to ensure the safety of the employees' diet. Dining room repast, has become many enterprises headaches. How to in a closed and crowded dining room to reduce the risk of new crown and the spread of the virus? By wisdom dining room to have a good solution to the problem of the dining? When you return to work on the canteen problem concerns, some people always embrace who know what the people around you with no virus? Besides, asymptomatic infection situation so much fear mentality, etc. Below we wisdom through full treasure dining room of a typical customer case, detailed for you to analyze the epidemic period of canteen management wisdom. We came to the Chinese xing full wisdom treasure canteen, found that dining room to the door with a reminder of the obvious, without a mask can not enter. Crowded cafeteria at lunchtime, ever, now already became slack. Occasionally run into the dining room staff are wearing masks, in a hurry, don't want to talk more. Through the interview, head of the canteen, we learned that sinochem xing full treasure at present some measures for the administration of wisdom the canteen. Sinochem xing canteen, officials say, enhance the management of the canteen during outbreaks, there are mainly three aspects of content, the first is the control of personnel, the second is the dining room scene control, the third is with full wisdom treasure dining room to change traditional dining process. In terms of personnel, sinochem and canteen asked to return to work of staff at 14 days, no abnormal symptoms can return to work. Every staff will learn wear masks the gloves before mount guard, body temperature measurement, and to give temperature qualified people with mark. In the dining room scene management. Requires all public area public equipment timing point of disinfection, canteen after hutch hung up the free hand wash liquid, require staff canteen operation prepared cold dishes, such as food, must wash your hands sterilization. Is the most important wisdom through full treasure the canteen system without contact solutions, set the floor for several times, online reservation strategy, cafeteria takeout, pack out, changed the traditional fixed sit-down dining canteen dozen rice process. In order to guarantee safe and quick repast, sinochem and dining room to streamline the product varieties, unified shall practise a system of separate eating, concentrated package service, and provide disposable packaging boxes. Wisdom through full treasure dining room the online order a meal, the dinning distribution mechanism, effectively reduce the canteen staff gathered themselves together, and reduced the probability of canteen infection after return to work. Inconvenient for those meals, accidentally to dining hall, dining room to enter a pretest body temperature, carry masks, dozen rice, interval between person and person to have 2 meters. Dinner meal one-way sat, college entrance examination type, ensure canteen density within a reasonable range. By reasonable management means, sinochem and dining room to do a good example for the resume work factory, as long as there is enough cognitive consciousness, behavior action in accordance with the specification, in fact you don't have to panic. Conditional canteen can formed epidemic prevention and control group, the rational use of epidemic prevention materials, from people the cervix to regional temperature disinfection, extend the respirator in ventilation scheme, make a careful planning of the canteen. In order to strictly control the external personnel, conditional dining room also brush face through full treasure gate control in and out of the dining room of access, and has carried on the grid to the enterprise management. Independent management in each grid for epidemic prevention, and prohibit personnel frequent flow across the grid, the grid service personnel in the specific area and partition boundaries, grid, in and out of line, dining arrangement of recipients, masks, plan for the management of the detailed specification of vertical grids. In the process of the campaign, the general medical staff in as soon as possible, shorten the testing time, improve the efficiency of the cured patients, whereas full treasure in the canteen area to explore a more reasonable canteen solutions, total war outbreak, together we come on!
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