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Fdata T3 AI Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer with Multi-language Voice


With temperature checking now becoming a normal part of life around the world, staff and patients can be checked for signs of fever instantly with this efficient, time-saving automatic wall or stand mounted non-contact thermometer, which enables employers to discharge health and safety responsibilities. After the facial recognition and fever detection model, here comes to our simple and convenient version T3-AI infrared thermometer:

Simply stand in front of the infrared sensor and the temperature will display instantly on the clear, LED display. Healthy temperatures will be displayed alongside a green light and a beep. If the temperature is high, continuous beeps will sound and the LEDs will flash red.

T3 Non-contact Forehead/Wrist Temperature Measurement System is easy for use and suitable for office, home, supermarket, restaurants and any other small to large business. The red light flashes when the temperature is abnormal and is simple and clear. Infrared non-contact measurement- you don't need to hold it in hands and reduces the risk of cross-infection.

 Quick measurement, non-contact

 Accurate temperature feedback

 High-temperature alarm

 Alarm temperature definition

 Clear digital display

 10 mainstream languages

 Wall mount or stand installation

 USB type C fast charge


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