With highly integrated hardware and software, “All-in-One Android smart financial terminals” is perfect to replace the traditional financial equipment, and easily provides more powerful features and experience in a broader application scenarios. Custom pos from Fdata.

Using the product, merchants can display their goods to users to make pre-booking or pre-ordering. Users can choose to pay by cash directly, swiping credit card, scanning QR code, or by NFC (Near Field Communication), which also with optional printed receipt or electronic receipt by mail. Furthermore, it can also integrate with staff management, statistics, sales report, membership card management, media marketing & advertising, and loyalty management functi ons.

All of data can be uploaded to cloud timely, manage back-end servers and data storage. Our dual display touch screen payment solution support EMV L1 & L2, PCI PTS 4.0X.

Our hot-selling model P702S model, currently are using in different kinds of areas, as you can see below, small in size, well, rich in feature on this P702S which intergrated with the built-in printer, NFC, barcode reader, chip card, MSR function. We also provide our client the relevant free APK and SDK for development.our company founded in 1995, with such a long time span, we had accumulate a strong technology relevant with 4G, wifi, BT,NFC, fingerprinter,barcode reader, printer, facial recognization, partners with worldwide client for different kinds of areas.