Feel the power of science and technology 丨 witness 'China speed', experience 'wisdom made in China'

by:Fdata     2020-07-16
Wuhan vulcan mountains and thor's speed, no one supermarket zero contact intelligent vending, masks and other protective equipment for urgent production factory in the war on the disease, we feel the power of science and technology, to witness the speed in China, but also experience the think tank made in China. The construction of wuhan vulcan hill hospital in just 10 days, according to public information display, homework peak, more than 7000 workers, more than 800 excavators, bulldozers and other equipment in operation at the same time. Wuhan vulcan hill hospital construction site in this critical period, we have witnessed China's speed, and no one in the vulcan hill hospital supermarket embodiment is smart in China. No one supermarket is using a non-contact self-service register, to reduce the spread of the virus, safeguard the life convenient health care workers in hospital. It is understood that the application of self-service register in vulcan mountain there is no supermarket, the first day for more than 200 customers to patronize. None of the customers into the supermarket, the use of self-service register scanned for goods and pay phone sweep yards, supermarket without the cashier, and can realize the supermarket is open 24 hours, achieved zero contact people, convenient and safe. Customers can not use self-service register to buy in the supermarket in vulcan mountain hand sanitizer, paper towels, food, groceries, etc. More than 200 kinds of commodities. Vulcan mountain zero contact there is no supermarket in the past, a lot of people's perception of self-help cashier is replacing cashiers, reduce labor costs. But in fact no one supermarket and self-service register cashier efficiency is increased, its biggest advantage is zero contact between people. Brush can support face, sweep the yard payment, commodity bar code scanning, ticket printing, etc, realizes unattended way of contactless settlement cashier. Of course, some basic ways of cleaning, distribution and replenishment or need manual operation, and stick to every 4 hours for self-service register alcohol disinfection by designated persons.
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