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Fdata facial recognition and fever detection terminal Biometric Face System


Face ID biometric attendance fever detection

F803P —— Fdata facial recognition terminal and fever detection terminal

there are two versions of the product:

The first version is wall-mounted, The second version is with a holder which it could be installed on the different kinds of turnstiles, the desktop stands and pillar stands.

Application: Hospital, market, station, airport, railway station, enterprise, school, building etc.

During the COVID-19 period, with the function of fever detection: it also widely be used in the places of the high-risk areas and temporary controlled places.

Face ID biometric attendance fever detection terminal

Fdata F803P facial recognition terminal uses the binocular cameras and infrared live detection module, its algorithm has a high recognition rate, fast speed and with high accuracy.

The non-contact infrared temperature measurement module integrates Melexis infrared temperature measurement chip for short-range non-contact temperature measurement. The module comes with a calibration algorithm, so the user does not need to calibrate again. It’s used in high-precision close-range non-contact temperature measurement and human body temperature measurement.

We also provide facial recognition and fever detection software and have one management platform which you can use it to control the terminal remotely. You can define the access permission of attendances and analyze the visitor records etc. All data is safe on your own server.

Fdata had started this model production since 2018, and now due to the COVID-19, it becomes the best selling version. So after two years in this part, we are more professional:

Here we give you a short video to understand the functional part better:

Providing you a better product and better service, we are always on the way!

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