Foreign blogger filmed the video to the Chinese supermarket procurement, self-service register cause hot!

by:Fdata     2020-07-24
A few days ago, small make up brush video on the Internet to see a foreign blogger introduced epidemic in China under the item of video. The foreigner's calling Ben Kavanagh, is a teacher in wuhan. The day he took the suitcase to the supermarket procurement, one of the images to cause the buzz of netizens. In the video, he said basic canceled, artificial checkout only self-service register. Many supermarkets in the hoarding food, but also very orderly, their use self-service register complete checkout quickly. Many netizens to see here, also commented: very convenient self-service register: every time go to rt mart is also use self-service checkout the cash register, because artificial cashier there always have five or six people queuing, self-service register there people less, check out faster. There are many people in the science of self-service register to use: after installed self-help supermarket cash register, I are sweeping yards, staff will guide will not use. Also someone says the outbreak period: the reason why only self-service register channel in the self-service register is not only in order to save time, but try to avoid contact during the Spring Festival, artificial checkout staff nervous, many supermarkets also will encourage customers to use self-service register for self-service checkout. In the face of this sudden outbreak, self-service register but enhance the anti-risk ability of the supermarkets, make no self-service register to reduce human contact, a perfect means of protection of the normal operation of the supermarket. In addition to the application of self-help supermarket cash register, now a lot of convenience stores also began to introduce self-help cash register. Part of the convenience store cash register even main non-contact cashier. Customer sweep through self-service register to complete the goods, wait for automatic settlement, sweeping brush, face payment steps, such as sweep yards that come, don't produce interpersonal contact all the way, reduce the risk of infection. This way of self-help cashier can even let convenience stores open 24 hours a day, and save the manpower cost. For customers, self-service register bring convenience and safety, and for the operator, through self-service register data through data cloud platform intelligence analysis, feedback to the operator, according to the requirements of different regions and different stores, realize the personalized SKU, real-time adjustment of operation, management enters sells saves the link, to build a complete closed loop of business. Predictably, self-service register used in supermarkets, stores and convenience stores will become more common.
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