Foreign outbreak forecast why not? Temperature detection + identification terminal work!

by:Fdata     2020-06-02
Foreign prediction of epidemic diseases why not? That is they ignore the size of the domestic situation is temperature test identity check interventions. As new crown outbreak has lasted for a period of time, many scientific research and academic institutions also use big data of development to establish a prediction model of epidemic diseases. The prediction model can help us to understand the epidemic peak time and the number of confirmed, can be in the future for a period of time required to ward, provide reference for medical personnel and medical supplies, and real-time adjustment for prevention and control measures. As of March 4, the domestic new crown pneumonia in 80566 cases of confirmed cases. From the trend of the growth, China adopts the temperature test method such as the regional management, has gradually obtained the positive control. The new confirmed cases of hubei trend diagram ( On March 4,) On February 27, guangzhou epidemic prevention and control of special news briefing, state WeiJianWei high level team member of zhong pointed out: at the beginning of the epidemic overseas some predict early February infections will amount to 160000 people. This is the most powerful without considering the state intervention, also did not consider delay to return to work after the Spring Festival. We also according to the prediction model to predict epidemic peak may occur in the middle or late February, about six or seventy thousand people confirmed cases. Now looking back on it, in fact we predict closer to the real situation in China. A new map (crown outbreak real-time data On March 4,) Why China can turn things around quickly, is less than abroad to predict the number of cases of infection? Thanks to strong domestic defense measures from spreading, originally expected to travel home and return to work brought about by the tide peak did not come. According to academician zhong nanshan, because now on all kinds of transportation tools for measuring temperature examination, early detection, early isolation principle, to help cut the virus transmitted as soon as possible. Not only on the transportation to measuring temperature, many residential area and factory enterprise, is also the basic to use thermometer, infrared temperature measuring terminal equipment for measuring temperature, can enter the temperature returns to normal. Combination of online networking and identity check, can use facial recognition temperature measuring terminal to register the rapid identification and status, help to rapidly identify personnel identity, exclusion and locking the range of close contacts. At present some closed-end management community, in particular, in and out of the need to verify identity, confirm whether the community residents and visitors in the temperature returns to normal. Using facial recognition temperature measuring terminal, can complete identification test two synchronization, reduce the pressure of people, reduce the risk of exposure. As temperature measuring terminal TPS980 sky-wave human face recognition, combined with non-contact infrared temperature test binocular live detection of facial recognition technology, efficient and accurate finish temperature detection and identification, can be used in office, community, schools, hospitals, Banks and other places. Sky-wave smart identity check terminal, can support the infrared temperature measurement, face recognition, and id card read function more worrying is that the current foreign cases growth faster than the domestic. In light of domestic and international exchanges of close, many foreign came to China to do business, trade and tourism passenger flow is inevitable. In order to prevent imported cases, basic control even if domestic outbreak, spread to foreign imported also have to be vigilant. Major public places are equipped with thermometer, infrared temperature measuring terminal equipment, such as daily temperature test form wearing masks, health habits such as frequent hand washing, will be our future for a long time.
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