Four difficulties: difficult to form a perfect supply chain management system when a company has enough food resources, these resources can be consolidated

by:Fdata     2020-07-24
, to establish a supply chain platform. Under the support of big data, can also set up food safety traceability system, that whether the supplier or purchaser is excellent. Supply chain information opaque, however, the source module information is missing, the catering industry involves a variety of raw materials procurement, for the most part is provided by upstream traders, procurement or management personnel to upstream base information source don't understand, lack of information source module, at the same time, traders to source products, Vegetables, meat, aquatic products, etc. ) Quality and safety of the control is not strict, but indirectly increased the risk of product safety after cooking. The essence of supply chain finance rise originated in supply chain management, and in the food industry, the main cause of due to the low degree of industry concentration, perfect advanced supply chain management concept is still lacking. Food and beverage products with food is given priority to, raw materials for agricultural products. Decentralized farmers or occupy the important proportion in the small and medium-sized suppliers in the raw materials suppliers. Enterprise and the raw material suppliers are not establish a long-term cooperative partnership. Buy and sell relatively free, lack of strategic vision. Traditional purchasing mode is difficult to shop around careful choice of suppliers, this leads to price war between suppliers, losing the trust of the supplier at the same time, increased costs, lower profits. Now, although the industry has been the rise of a large number of service providers, but still has not formed a complete supply chain management system. Five difficulties: catering SaaS operation management is not mature SaaS catering management software can help improve catering enterprises in the era of mobile Internet business model, operation mode and management mode, so that the catering enterprises fully embrace the Internet. Through the use of SaaS catering software system, and gradually guide the merchant business model change in the direction of self-support. The cashier position after the merger, the attendant and the cashier will close 2 for one, will the restaurant cashier position space is saved, the save Labour cost increase a table for two at the same time operating area, to improve structure efficiency. Help eliminate cash of food and beverage enterprise, reduce the workload of reconciliation, greatly save enterprise management costs, achieve business model transformation and upgrading. With SaaS catering software, order to make the customer self-service checkout, by big data for each scheduling, purchase orders, how much inventory, purchasing index between high and low, products combination collocation, promotion means. Make the decision more simple, the boss also easier. Despite the chains of SaaS has this or that kind of demand, but not mature SaaS system also has a lot of problems. In current China's catering industry development degree is low, meals material standard extremely diverse, supply chain procurement extremely low degree of dispersion, low maturity, Internet, causing large upfront investment, market cultivation cost is high, the operability is poor. From the store rent, decorate, to food procurement, operations, catering supply chain each link fragmentation and dispersion, by SaaS services can get through these links, but the operating cost will be huge, and catering enterprises customization demand and the contradiction of SaaS services standardization caused numerous relevant service vendors, difficult to achieve economies of scale. SaaS provider based on its products in the supply chain process, accumulated the real data of suppliers, as well as the POS on the precipitation data from consumer spending in the restaurant, for risk control and credit evaluation of the late provide the real data to support. But, in fact, the SaaS provider offline IP and data are obviously not enough. SaaS provider independently on data dimension and depth, is not comprehensive and objective evaluation of enterprise credit risk.
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