Fresh from the view of intelligent cashier scale shops and farmers' markets (_ intelligence scale

by:Fdata     2020-07-27
Fresh stores and the farmer's market sales are generally considered to be the day to eat. Fresh fruits and vegetables is different from the packing goods, their short shelf-life, uncertainty, storage is more trouble than packaged goods, but also take care not to knock against damage. The prices of fresh fruits and vegetables can also according to the weather, the harvest, transportation costs and produce float, sometimes replenish onr's stock is too much, don't sell easily cause slow; Replenish onr's stock is too little, also lose potential customers and business, in addition, in the fruit and vegetable store or farmer's market, the store should not only responsible for the collection to find redemption, and weighing and packing, busy is very easy to get wrong. Fresh stores and pain points of the farmer's market, always affects the business owner management, we should be how to solve? The intelligence of integrated weighing cashier cashier scales for weighing goods, not only can realize intelligent register function, combined with the weather, seasonal festivals, sales history, sales trends, product enters sells saves management, the real-time scheduling, promotions, order, demand forecasting, etc. Plus combined with sweeping yards, brush face payment, such as efficient cashier aggregation, which can effectively solve the fresh stores and the farmer's market efficiency is low, enters sells saves not predict pain points, help businesses better realize control and loss of goods stores. The fruit store and farmers markets have begun to use intelligent weighing cashier a whole scale, cashier, weighing, print receipts, and other functions into an organic whole, insect-resistant stainless steel scale, suitable for fresh fruits and vegetables of weighing scene, ensure the weighing, cashier quickly. With double screen show, can want to show product promotion information such as customer. Customers to use weighing cashier a whole scale, can be directly put the fruit and vegetables on the cashier scale weighing, cashier scale display automatic display name of commodity, unit price, weight, amount payable at a glance, weighing accurate, does not fear the shortchanged one, the smooth and efficient settlement process. In some large farmers market, these self-help weighing goods cashier one scale can achieve, when there is a plant diseases and insect pests, the problem such as bird flu, pesticide residues, can fast, find the source of sales, reduce losses, the protection of the rights of consumers and health. Fresh fruit and vegetables store or farmer's market, now from inventory, sales, cashier, management and so on will upgrade the digital and intelligent, help businesses better sales, reduce resource waste, at the same time serve several.
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