Fresh retail grow, smart cash register and self-help sale container be right-hand man!

by:Fdata     2020-05-29
Closed on the outbreak period, many shopping malls supermarkets and restaurants, food and beverage retail. But fresh retail industry grow: fresh abundant fruit sales online orders more than doubled, integral single volume totaled more than 700 in February, sales rose steadily; 2 the orchard online orders growth. 5 times. Daily optimal fresh data showed that the Spring Festival for seven days total sales will break through 40 million, compared with the same period last year increased by more than 300% fresh retail under the outbreak why still strong? One is the Chinese for the single-minded pursuit of fresh food. Compared to foreign hoarding a heap of quick-frozen food can solve the problem of eating, Chinese people always hope every day can eat fresh vegetables or meat. This requires retailers can provide the raw food every day, using intelligent register quickly enters sells saves the management. 2 it is affected by the outbreak, people often don't want to every day, I went away into the distance far, crowded large supermarket procurement. And root fresh retail stores within the community, with the advantages of stores in the area is small, short distance, let live nearby community residents can always buy food and fruits. Outbreak, the demand for fresh food people I think does not decrease over the next decade, both the broader economy is how to, consumers to eat more healthy, more health, safer this things is not reversible. Fresh legend CEO wang wei said. If not affected by outbreaks in marketing, with the domestic residential community formats is more and more concentrated, community retail, especially fresh retail will usher in growth in the community. As her love coffee, in order to store small density of store, grab the office business circle of coffee to go, and even introduce self-help coffee vending machine, anytime, anywhere to meet customer demand. Fresh retail brands hundred orchard also launched numerous contact no self-help vending machine and self-help container, these self-help vending machines and self-service selling container with fresh fruit in the merchandise. These self-help vending machine saves personnel contact, shopping non-contacting, reduce the risk of infection, and self-help to sell container also can guarantee and extend the freshness of food. Container TPS730 sky-wave self-service sale can support nobody self-help vending but retail stores intensive management will lead to difficulty for operators. How to manage and linkage more stores, many fresh chain smart cash register a good demonstration. In stores using intelligent cashier POS system, connecting the CRM and enters sells saves the comprehensive background, will sell digital, digital products sales and customers. Intelligent deployment over the store cash register and platform system, which can be remotely real-time data management and tracking, timely replenishment and promotion decisions to adjust, can even make a business forecast in advance, and according to the fruit store cash register feedback data for dynamic update every week. Can be personalized to adjust each fresh stores management, can also be all stores operating data together. Fruit store cash register and fresh stores use intelligence, also can better describe the user portrait. Retail, especially used in the community can help each store to understand the different consumer groups in the community, the average unit price and fresh category, one of the most popular commodity information, such as better enters sells saves the intelligent analysis and optimization of supply chain, so that the efficient operation and increase profits.
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