Fresh store opened online mall, store revenue increased not drop

by:Fdata     2020-08-01
The Spring Festival in 2020 too unforgettable, the world in the war on disease resistance, due to the sudden outbreak, a lot of people in the home was forced to stranded at home, at the same time, also forced to the real economy. As China's traditional festival, during this period, the stagnation of electricity chamber of commerce for a period of time, arguably, is the real economy earned a wave of revenue opportunities, then was the relentless outbreak delayed. For most of the real economy, the Spring Festival holiday in the past, people constantly rework, as the change is located in the urban life to how to solve, whether can ensure the basic life of urban migrant workers are not affected? Actually, in the disease resistance during the war, there are still some entity stores fighting in a line, such as fresh supermarket stores, because opened online delivery service, do a good operation strategy, a reasonably, also made a little contribution to the outbreak of the war of resistance. City fresh stores mainly operating basic living supplies, such as fruits, vegetables, grain and oil, and of course some fresh stores also have daily necessities, the outbreak period, due to many a part of the home owner to house home, can't do every store will remain open, and business outlets can't service to each user, micro online mall, at this time is the best choice. Fresh stores opened online mall, can better serve the people who just a few miles away, the user need only in the mall to buy commodities, stores can be arranged to send, so can save users to come to store to buy time, also can avoid more contact, safe, convenient, also worry. At the same time, store business area without limitation, shop sales can have more space for development. Outbreak may temporarily stop the pace of the people, but could not prevent to explore all the way out, the real economy is currently in winter, but the seasons, spring will come, maybe at that time, the real economy will be better and better.
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