From 'supermarket' wisdom, you still owe a intelligent weighing cash register _ intelligence scale

by:Fdata     2020-04-25
When it comes to wisdom supermarket, a lot of people think is automated clearing machine, no one to register, and even unmanned intelligent container. But in fact, because of the large supermarket goods variety, the new hardware retail intelligence does not cover all settlement of all items in the cashier. Imagine, let's go to the supermarket to buy fruits and vegetables, most of the time is according to weight to calculate the amount, then you need a weigh weight of intelligent device. A long queue this, very not easy to let the assistant weighing goods, but also to check-out queues and really laborious. For businesses, also affects the customer turnover and satisfaction. Need to use the intelligent wisdom supermarket scene supermarket cashier scale to build wisdom, to improving customer experience and upgrade equipment retail supermarket operating efficiency. Cashier scale TPS655 sky-wave intelligence, combined with weighing, smart cashier, receipts to print three big functions, weighing accurate, cashier, a cash register to complete the function of the three devices, simple and convenient, comprehensive solution to the food and beverage business super pain points. Sky wave intelligent cashier scale TPS655 sky-wave intelligent cashier scale professional built-in sensors, weighing precision. In addition, because of the intelligent electronic scale contact with fruits and vegetables, fresh, easy to leave smell and debris, sky wave intelligent cashier scale USES unique insect-resistant design, effectively avoid the ants, cockroaches and other bugs crawl into fault caused by the body. Intelligent cashier scale TPS655 not weighing + simple pile of cashier. As long as the need to weigh the fruits and vegetables on the scale, click on the items, electronic screen can display and calculate the unit price, weight, and total prices, open mobile payment code to scan code scanning, cashier scale automatic print receipts, can complete weighing and check payment. In addition, intelligent cashier scale data management, and realize the digital management analysis, understand the supply situation and consumer preferences, such as large data. With the new retail application scenario for the increasingly widespread, the requirement of intelligent hardware is also higher more. Early one step want to customers think, can in the development of technology of changing market to win at the starting line.
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