Full wisdom treasure canteen contactless repast safer, more efficient and easier!

by:Fdata     2020-05-29
How to ensure that enterprises and employees and students dining? Full treasure wisdom is how to realize the cafeteria eating out of contact? Companies to stay school, in a closed and crowded dining room environment repast, even stayed masks, dozen rice distance, still make diners feel uneasy. Everyone know now new virus human-to-human transmission, the most effective solution is to avoid contact. Then go to the dining room dozen rice how to reduce the contact between people, reduce the risk of virus infection? Recently many dining room users, unanimously recommended to friends, a full dinner out of contact today then we will take you to learn more about what is out of contact. Full treasure out of contact at ease eating solution: isolation, see the dining way full of treasure contactless repast solution, changed the traditional mode of canteen, in order, order, take the link, such as meal by using wisdom canteen system, do not fully meet, 0 contact, compared to the traditional canteen model more secure, more health! Online reservation, 0 contact, more safe! Full treasure contactless repast solution, use the online reservation such as is full of treasure APP, completely avoid the go to the dining hall, personnel between rubbing rubbed shoulders, decreases the chance of human interaction, let more comfortable dining! Attention to detail, the entire process control, more! The danger of the world are all originated from the omission of detail, only whole process without risk, to ensure the safety of the diner. Full treasure contactless repast solutions, from food purchase, after the kitchen product, focus on the dinning, package seal, canteen distribution, cupboard take food and so on each link, every link according to strict rules in the standardization of homework, ensure the whole process without funnelled to safety interlocking, ensure the safety of the food and diners. Variety of modes of distribution, let users have more options, more freedom! Repast users through full wisdom treasure the canteen after place the order in the system, can choose the canteen distribution, since the lift can also choose the canteen. In the canteen can pay through brush face, sweep the yard, also can be extracted to the kiosks himself. Choose the canteen distribution, can and cafeteria delivery staff appointment location take food, but can be by full wisdom treasure cupboard independent code take food. Variety of modes of distribution, giving the user reasonable arrangement of time, let the user eating more flexible and more active! Intelligent insulation sideboard, high temperature + uv more powerful! Full wisdom treasure cupboard, with 60 & deg; High temperature constant store and ultraviolet radiation sterilization function, on the basis of guarantee the food temperature, can effectively kill virus, make food safer! Mobile payment, real-time billing, consumption more clearly! Throughout the meal, diners can pay online via mobile phone, need not queue top-up offline, reduce waiting time repast, real-time billing, can check at any time, let consumer be clear at a glance, form good consumption habits! More convenient to operate, learning zero threshold. After the above introduction, we know about full wisdom canteen is part of the treasure, people will doubt? Function of so many complicated system operation? Don't worry! Full treasure intelligent level is quite high, no learning, directly to fit to use, operation is so simple! The safest, most efficient, most simple! This is, full wisdom treasure canteen system advantage! Return to work and production, again busy also want to eat safe food. At this stage, full treasure no contact centre have growing industry trend, many dining room to begin to return to work in the production! To reassure everyone to eat meal, full treasure has been working hard, hope the outbreak OVER early, we can eat more peace!
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