Full wisdom treasure dining room upgrade again, 'no contact dinner' dinner to guarantee user security

by:Fdata     2020-05-14
As the end of the lunar New Year holiday, most people will soon return to work, although the time now in the outbreak, but return to work is just a matter of time. Critical period, how to solve the problem of employee dining widely attention. Recently, full wisdom treasure canteen contactless repast solution is put forward, that employees can have dinner out of contact, thus to ensure the safety of the canteen and staff. This is full wisdom treasure canteen meals in the industry's first launch contactless canteen after delivery, another step to ensure the safety of staff canteen. Government advocates the qr code scanning order code for mobile phones, avoid direct contact with the recently, the Beijing market supervision bureau issued 'the new coronavirus infection prevention and control of pneumonia during the popular food service units guidelines'. Which emphasize, advocate using qr code scanning order, invoicing, such as the traditional ordering and billing way should pay attention to reduce personnel gathered, maintain reasonable spacing. Similarly, market supervision bureau in anhui province, nanjing market regulator, Qingdao market regulator are detailed rules, clear encouraged by using qr code scanning, network order meal service such as no contact way, avoid personnel gathered repast. It is understood that part of the dining room have begun pilot full treasure contactless repast service. Sinochem xingzhong canteen is one of pilot canteen, the staff can order through full treasure APP online reservation, canteen concentrated the dinning unified distribution. Ensure that staff meals and convenient at the same time also the guarantee of safety. Full meal will treasure no contact industry popular at a particular time of the epidemic in the canteen, & lsquo; No contact dining & rsquo; Can improve the canteen safety coefficient, reduce the face to face contact with the user and the dining room, the security can be better. Full head bao Yu Yihai said. It is understood that full treasure contactless repast based on original full treasure the wisdom of the canteen system, comprehensive functions, not only the traditional meal, eat, take food, also highlight the function of cafeteria takeout, repast users hand after the no contact order online, dining room, which generates a order through standardized canteen, canteen staff under the environment of the strict disinfection after separate packaging, then go through cafeteria delivery personnel to the product, to the full wisdom treasure cupboard. Full wisdom treasure cupboard with insulation and uv sanitizer, under the action of 60 degrees high temperature and ultraviolet antivirus, can guarantee food safety. By full treasure no contact repast, the whole process avoids the interpersonal contact, greatly reducing the risk of the spread of the virus. Have a dining room, said such a dinner out of contact pattern can be found in order, take food to avoid contact, at the same time we also pay attention to in the canteen catering link complete isolation, in to ensure the safety of the two sides also maximize the canteen normal operation, reduce losses, epidemic is fully staffed.
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