Gas station cashier system to realize mobile cashier, self-help pay, rapid settlement

by:Fdata     2020-05-04
In the past, the driver gas fee need pay by cash, station staff to wear a pocket for change, and then on the management software in the amount of input. This tends to increase the gas time, peak is likely to cause congestion. Using store surplus gas station cashier system, can realize mobile cashier, self-help pay, quick settlement. Oil bosses under the lack of an effective mechanism, often choose single depreciate sales promotion to attract the owner, effect is not ideal, also easy to cause peripheral station started a price war. So, gas station falling profits and a lack of integrity of oil boss started to shoddy, led to the decrease of the quality of the product, the owner gradually formed private gas stations is because the poor quality of oil products cheap fixed thinking, do more harm than good. In solving the gas station, mobile payment problem, store surplus gas station management background, can provide a variety of stable payment for gas station. Applicable to the owner and code to pay at the checkout, operator independent collection, centralized payment and other payment. Improve the collection efficiency in the gas station, put an end to the peak owners get fuel. In addition to promote efficiency, mobile payment can reduce the risk of cashier error, reduce the financial risk to a gasoline station. Lifecycle management to provide complete solution for the members. Documentation for the members, members delamination, precise marketing and loss members recall providing flexible tool, help station boss locking old guest, improve member viscous, rapidly improve business performance. Love come on at the same time provide for gas station owner member center, the owner can pay attention to the public, through member center view their balance, membership benefits. Convenience owners at the same time, also established a gas station and the bridge of the owner. In fact, the price is not the owner of choosing a station of the ultimate cause, improve fuel efficiency, good for users, to attract new customers, is the traditional business model is one of the most gas stations should be to solve the problem. As a gas station operators, we want to find a real solution, tap is inferior to suit the remedy to the case.
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