Good helper and cashier machine business

by:Fdata     2020-08-14
The current large and small stores are equipped with a cash register, wide variety of models on the market, let the owner to behold, how to choose and buy a good function, high cost performance machine, became a lot of the shopkeeper headache problem. Cash register appearance looks like a miniature computer, also equipped with a keyboard, cashbox, cloud printer, infrared scanning gun, etc. , these peripherals use frequency is high, also need to pay attention to when the choose and buy. Cash register is mainly used to store cashier is used, so the computer system configuration requirements is not high, the key is the host configuration and operation of the fluid level is an important standard to measure the quality of the cash register, it is also an important guarantee to the cashier to use handy. General advice cash register can be upgraded to 1 g memory, hard disk upgrades to more than 80 g, main frequency C71. More than 5. Install antivirus software and precautions to prevent poisoning, prevent data loss, cause needless loss. Can check the cashier report on cashier software, business assistant can also be installed APP, used with a cash register, used to obtain a report and data analysis, etc. Peripheral equipment selection is mainly according to the volume of traffic, if traffic is large, appeared queuing phenomenon more at ordinary times, at the same time under the condition of the cost to allow, can consider to laser gun, it in scan sensitivity, scanning distance, barcode recognition abilities are better. If is similar to the clothing store, etc. , clinch a deal the pen number every day, but the unit price higher economic applicable infrared scene can choose gun. Cash register need software is hardware combined with each other. Choose machine at the same time, also depends on whether to support software for legitimate software, if it is pirated software not only not protected, and loss of data, the problem such as probation period, the best way is to buy hardware, get genuine software or buy separate right price of legitimate software. Cash register with long time, many times, high frequency, the long-term use of electronic products after-sales service cannot little. High quality supplier of early door training, guide the door, the door debugging. Later also have a phone or remote technical guidance and after-sales service.
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