Guangdong school notice comes, how to deal with the campus and epidemic prevention temperature checks?

by:Fdata     2020-05-17
April 9, learned that the findings from a study of the new champions league pneumonia epidemic prevention and control command of guangdong province, guangdong province at various levels and school students since April 27 in installment, partial and wrong peak back to school. Classes that guangdong province is about to open! The parents and the children all ready? This is a good news, after all, the long winter vacation is finally over! But also have the bad news is coming! Bear children, your winter vacation homework done? The resumption of school after a few days in the mid-term examination! Is also testing all the time, however, the quality of the online course at home, after all, this semester will not be delayed because of the outbreak, all winners and difference now compete in their own learning self-discipline! We take a look at specific arrangement campus epidemic prevention temperature checks? One, the basic education stage students back to school to arrange on April 27, the province grade three and grade students back to school. On May 11, according to the epidemic prevention and control situation around the stage, partial, the arrangement of primary and secondary schools for peak other grade students back to school. The kindergarten children, special education school students returned to the garden, The school) Time shall be separately determined. Before kindergarten children's back garden, off-campus training institution shall not conduct offline teaching activities. Second, universities and colleges, the mechanic colleges and secondary vocational school students back to school arrangement on May 11th, conditions of colleges and universities can arrange graduating class students back to school. On May 18, colleges and other grade, the mechanic colleges and secondary vocational schools according to students characteristics, material preparation, prevention and control of the epidemic situation, arrange students in installment, partial and wrong peak back to school. Three meet the conditions for school staff, faculty, school school, can be in school students back to school a week before arranging staff back, prepared to epidemic prevention and control, education teaching work ahead of time. The campus of epidemic prevention temperature checks? Small make up for the next, schools across the province pressure will also come, after all, now daily epidemic situation in guangdong province has not been completely reset and scattered cases and cases of asymptomatic outside input, so prevention measures from local governments to school as usual will strictly. So face the preparation before the start of the preparing, too, especially the campus epidemic prevention and control measures. The campus of epidemic prevention temperature checks? Guangdong province this time synchronization in Shanghai, while classes are in the risk assessment and orderly, but the prevention and control measures of the campus is still not relax! How to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control of health registration, teachers and students enter the body temperature monitoring inspection? How to control material support? Such as the campus is equipped with intelligent temperature measuring device, the face recognition with appropriate medical care personnel and isolation room, etc. , and campus environment and students' learning life management, campus emergency drills, etc. , this is is a key and pressing problem.
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