Guangdong sky wave intelligent POS products unionpay safety certification, brush face to pay or will become a global trend

by:Fdata     2020-05-18
Both brush face pays, sweep the yard and the traditional credit card payments, cash, money transaction security problem is often the most attention. In early December, in the latest China unionpay 'by unionpay card acceptance terminal security certification product list', including 72 smart point-of-sale terminals, 44 PIN input devices, nine kiosks, etc. Guangdong sky wave is relying on its two intelligent terminal among them, are as intelligent at the point of sale terminal intelligent pos TPS900 and as TPS328 PIN input devices, both through unionpay security certification. In addition to credit card payment, the payment technology requires higher brush face payments, the sky wave the first generation to be a partner with alipay alipay dragonfly brush face pay cash register F1 can through 3 d structure light face recognition and intelligent AI algorithms to ensure that brush face pay fast and safe, to achieve reliable brush face to pay. Can cooperate with paying treasure to this giant, enough to prove that sky wave in domestic excellent quality and good reputation. Abroad, journal of the American well-known financial, payment industry authority magazine nilson report also reported the latest payment terminal TPS988 guangdong sky-wave latest brush face. Founded for 50 years, nilson report is considered to be the global bank CARDS and mobile payments industry's most respected sources of news and analysis. And as one of the representative of the advanced payment equipment manufacturers, sky wave intelligent pos TPS900 as early as 2017 on the nilson report, page report. Sky-wave brush brush face face payment terminal and alipay dragonfly F1 can pay cash register with a cash register, decoder, receipt printers, cashier together is the scale even in ordinary sweep yards, brush face payment cashier scene, which can realize the lightweight self-help cashier order, self-help, cashier weighing a body, face recognition, identity verification, and other functions. Brush this year is the face of the first year of pay, in China's domestic brush face pay boom at the same time, also began to cause the attention of foreign and using for reference. For the 2025 world expo, Osaka, Japan some subway began introducing brush face by bus. Passengers as long as a pre-recorded upload photos, can be realized in 133 the station brush face and brush subway fare payment. According to the controller introduces, introducing brush brush face and face the way station is given, a large number of visitors to Osaka to visit will hand luggage, brush brush face stops and face a train without hands free coin and card, through the anchorman opportunity more convenient, reduce the number of stations in queue and crowded, also can reduce the lost ticket. Visible, brush face payment has become a global trend. The popularity of it is not only provide faster and safe payment, more is to liberate people's hands, the liberation of medium of payment, pay better experience.
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