Guest as five epidemic period solution, to help businesses safe opening, rapid income!

by:Fdata     2020-06-17
The sudden new crown pneumonia outbreak, as if for the development of the catering enterprises press the pause button. Evergrande institute points out, the outbreak that food and beverage retail loss within 7 days of the Spring Festival alone more than 500 billion yuan. The outbreak, whether like haidilao, eyebrow states dongpo, siebel such national chain enterprises, or small and medium-sized restaurants are not immune. Distance outbreak end is in sight, but some catering enterprises are not bottom go to. Will do this is dying out there? During the outbreak, how in the hell killer response, can be as much as possible, help the food companies to reduce cost of spending, reduce losses, through outbreak shut? Special guest like a cloud in the outbreak period, especially for merchants established a complete solution. Cashier one: the non-contact, order the new crown pneumonia mainly for direct transmission, the transmission way of the aerosol and contact transmission. The three mode of transmission, but also a wake-up call for is still in the business of food and beverage enterprise, whether eat-in or take-out, try not to let the waiter directly or face-to-face contact with customers, and reduce the risk of infection. A cash register at this time, select the digital intelligence is best choice. As guest as intelligent cashier all-in-one products, have self-help sweep code order, the function such as WeChat applet order, customers can order after everyone, automatic checking their food production, independent take food, from order to dinner and then to pay, each link to minimize delivery, face to face during the outbreak, eat more at ease. At the same time, customers can also achieve a yard like a cloud to pay both practical function and electronic invoice. A yard pay to support a variety of clients, reduce the communication cost and the contact frequency to the greatest extent. Electronic invoice function is to make customers don't need to go to the checkout counter, service desk, as long as the qr code scanning receipts, can complete the electronic invoice issued. Without a single contact point cashier, ensure the safety of restaurants and businesses double. 2: polymerization take-away, support capacity during the outbreak, take-away become catering merchants to broaden the management way, the profitable yet another trick. Chose the guest as intelligent cashier machine products, can complete the depth of main delivery platform integration and docking, help businesses get orders in the very period, pos machine automatic operation, also reduced the labor costs. Merchants worried, take-away member shorthanded during outbreaks, also have customers worry, through the way of delivery order, ensuring food safety. In the face of these two points, the guest as cooperation and docking several capacity providers, can achieve a variety of distribution mode, don't worry about delivery little elder brother manpower shortage. Security, the guest as a cloud is more cautious, in terms of distribution, we advocate contactless distribution, ensure the safety of the delivery of both sides is specified by the customer in distribution and location, the system will automatically guide marki, standardized operation, avoid infection. 3: Ming kitchen bright kitchen, food security safeguard food production process was done in the kitchen, after hutch sanitation and chef's health, directly related to the safety of the food, during the period of the outbreak, to ensure that the kitchen clean and health of the staff is particularly important. At present, the guest as Ming kitchen bright focal policies introduced, for the kitchen after installing black technology products, with camera, data acquisition and live show + exception alarm for architecture, to the kitchen and operation personnel for routine monitoring and alarm. First of all, into the preparation of the staff, will finish the non-contact temperature measurement, to ensure that the temperature is no exception. Secondly, staff dress, behavior also can get a full range of monitoring, to ensure that each table dishes are fresh and quality guarantee. Finally, the manager and restaurant manager can through camera for cruise shop at any time, save manpower cost, in avoid contact at the same time, to be able to see the most authentic restaurants operating condition. four: the cloud management, ingenious in view of the outbreak, the guest as hungry blockbuster launch RTC project, hand in hand to encourage businesses to hoard of fruit and vegetable shelf platform zones, as retail sales, meal enterprise operator inventory can be converted to cash flow, change the idea make up the loss. In addition, the guest view functions as a powerful statements, never leave home can help operators for panoramic understanding of the store management state, via their guest as a cloud APP, at home to do analysis. Outbreak will always be in the past, when after the outbreak of food and beverage industry consumption will speed up, when the guest as a cloud system for merchants to provide historical sales as production guidance, back in the raw material procurement, help operators scientific computing, rational purchasing, avoid the waste of raw materials and other issues. 5: support, business had difficulty guest during the outbreak will always be like a cloud catering and retail merchants to provide financial loans, full service support, together with the merchants hand in hand in the special period, through. Financial loans, the guest will be like a cloud for merchants to provide quality credit resources, with lower interest rates, Interest-free) Policy, at the same time, through the pay rate to compensate for the form, help business cost savings. Services, guest as electronic contracts, remote training, online customer service, customer success, such as service, remote mentoring merchants to complete the signing and product operation and maintenance. Online customer service is guaranteed 7 * 16 hours online, help you solve the problem of using. We firmly believe that the disease is not terrible, as long as there is confidence, meal enterprise operators can usher in spring!
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