Hairdressing cashier software 丨 integral management functions, power outlets

by:Fdata     2020-05-11
Aggressive advocate, hairdressing cashier software is a software that is designed for the hairdressing industry. Widely applicable to the hairdresser, barber shop, etc, usually have member management, plan management, staff management, inventory management, integral management functions, etc. , and also with the customer pays a return visit function, can calculate commission staff, and more perfect statistical reports, make it easy for hairdressing salon operator management, to say the specific hair cashier software under the integral management functions in what areas does it manifest itself? 1, consumption multistage points according to different consumption quota, loyalty points is also different, such as: consumption in 0 100 yuan between, consumption of one yuan for 1 minute; Spending on - 101 One yuan for 1 500 yuan between, consumption. 5 points; 501 yuan - 1000 yuan, the consumption of one yuan for two points. 2, integral upgrade members can use the integral level upgrade card, such as: silver membership upgrade to a gold card members use up 1000 points; Gold card members to upgrade to the diamond card consumption 5000 points and so on. 3, product set points are different types of goods: according to the different kinds of goods the cost profits of different industries, can be calculated according to different integral member consumption of goods of different types. Such as: class A commodity consumption one yuan 1 points; Class B the consumption of one yuan 2 points, and so on. 4, the member level set membership card to get different integral series, such as: silver member spending one yuan for each one; Spending one yuan per 1 gold card members. 5 points; Membership grade points according to the requirements of enterprise flexible Settings, for merchants to grade management of members, stimulate members more customers consume. 5, promotion of integral one commodity sales promotion to give extra points: such as a commodity for promotional activities, in order to improve the sales of the commodity, member 1 yuan per consumer, 1000 extra points, in order to stimulate consumption. Holiday merchants have promotion points: such as in 11 golden weeks, members get the usual double integral, member to stimulate consumption, and give some favorable feedback to members. 6, awarding points for commodity: set the exchange of goods consumed by integral, members to exchange goods when the system automatically deduct points integral settlement: member consumption, integral settlement are available, and system support settlement with the cash settlement, integral, integral calculation, the system automatically deduct member will get the corresponding points, realize the use of integral to buy some goods. 7, the electronic coupon kims volume can be directly sent to the user's mobile phone, can set a deadline for the use of the kims volume, can be directly to cash settlement, is the enterprise through a variety of marketing methods to stimulate members repeated consumption. Can be based on customer's consumption custom and sending all kinds of electronic kims volume, accurate marketing.
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