Hairdressing store cashier system, scientific salary calculation, system management staff commission!

by:Fdata     2020-08-13
Hairdresser how to grasp the form of business, management, technical level, personnel quality and management level directly affects the hairdresser income, also directly affect the hair in the future development and economic income. Successful hairdressing salon operators to restraining, and know how to manage their employees. They hire the appropriate candidate, appropriate training employees and stimulate the desire to do better, treat employees fairly. As a result, the operator can not only win the loyalty of subordinates in the afternoon, also can understand the highlights of the difference between success and failure, let employees know yourself in fair competition, to improve yourself, make progress continuously. So the commission of hairdressing industry employees are industry focused on function, therefore the hairdresser cashier system ( Staff commission system) This function also focus on care, launch commission policy setting function, can be set for all kinds of cut scenes. The hairdresser can be set according to the characteristics of the industry for their staff commission scheme, such as: 1, the average percentage, all unified sales commission amount. Set 2, stepwise commission, increasing sales of gradient, such as 50000 2%, 50000 - More than 100000 3%, 100000 3. 5%. 3, commission and bonuses, set sales targets, results in accordance with the unified amount of commission, complete the sales plan with the additional cash rewards. 4, card fees, many the hairdresser to employee set up a separate card fees, sales and other business card commission difference commission, has a separate commission amount. Some stores also demanded that the card to the commission, after the guest with the settlement, the staff commission amount will difference with conventional commission. Sell card commission 2%, for example, the regular sales commission of 10%, the sale card commission, after a 2% guests with the consumer, the staff of the service achievements into 8%. More than 5, divided into, some service industries, will set employee people into way, such as hairdressing, washing blow 2 people commonly provide service for the guests, a shampoo and a hair salon. Hot dye is sometimes 3 personal service for the guest. The commission when it becomes 2 to 3 people into. 6, compound complex commission, combinations of the above two or more than two ways.
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