Hangzhou school 'wisdom canteen' 3. 0 version 丨 canteen management services better!

by:Fdata     2020-05-14
Office automation and quality education, it is the party's education put forward new requirements to 19. Hangzhou as the capital city of zhejiang province, in all kinds of education comes at a relatively high under the condition of equilibrium, how to better goal? How to satisfy the new requirements of urban and rural people to education? How to make the city more beautiful because of the education quality? Hangzhou education with a series of actions to find the answer. Hangzhou school canteen 3 wisdom. 0 version 12:00 noon, hangzhou no. 11 middle school students in grade three class went to the dining room, the entire order, completely not fight charge into the dining room of large scenes. 5 dozen vegetables into the dining room, window screen respectively corresponds to A, B, C, D, E five packages, students according to beforehand in order on the selected package to the corresponding window line up. Chen took meal turn, see his face on the face recognition machine stroke, immediately jumped out the student's name on the screen, the type of packages, the information such as account balance, click on the confirmation after Chen certified true, aunt canteen at this time has pass the good food to the window. The whole process is not more than eight seconds. Canteen is the first domestic wisdom born in hangzhou, it is hangzhou ten one. School every day, thousands of students, but every day there are more than 50 students because no rice or rice card lost weight. Hang ten one principal NiZi yuan said that the student dining hall will brush face technology, original intention is to facilitate students' meals, avoid with meal card inconvenience before, it is also the embodiment of the school innovation school system and educational philosophy. Hangzhou ten one brush face to have a meal, is promoting the construction of wisdom canteen of hangzhou city bureau of education achievement of a microcosm. At present, primary and secondary school meals more and more attention by the society. In order to allow students to eat safe, healthy, delicious meals, actively promote the construction of the school canteen wisdom of hangzhou. Logistics management of primary and secondary schools education in zhejiang province logistics association branch of agricultural and sideline products logistics network technology co. , LTD. And hangzhou cooperation development of primary and secondary schools in zhejiang sunshine diet information service platform, hangzhou education bureau and hangzhou education assets operation management center as a primary and secondary school logistics management branch President and secretary general unit organization and fully participate in the platform construction. Hangzhou eleven secondary six schools as the first batch of students of hangzhou self-help order ahead of the school, leading to experience a student self-service order function. Relying on the platform, hang ten one realizes the wisdom order, intelligent procurement, brush a face. Platform can also according to the situation of students in order to establish a database, for each student to generate a report of the nutrition, let parents understand children's eating habits. Will the data report of all the students together, forming a student nutrition big data. At present, the city's primary and secondary schools diet information services use the platform to achieve full coverage, the ninth middle school of hangzhou, jiangnan experimental school school implements the order wisdom, wisdom of hangzhou dining room 3. 0 version is a little bit
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