'Health code' power efficient and epidemic prevention, identification terminal to reduce human infection!

by:Fdata     2020-06-09
Early outbreak, the domestic many enterprises begin to play their own ability, spontaneous for domestic plague out a resistance. Alibaba, tencent, Meituan, bytes to beat word donation companies such as resistance to disease, huawei has sent hundreds of engineers to build vulcan mountains and thor hospital 5 g base stations, to many places to build conference system, remote consultation system. In addition to their money, the Internet companies take advantage of itself, provide technical support for effective prevention. To effectively prevent the spread of disease, we should try to isolate infected people contact with uninfected people, especially the crowds concentrated in the community. On February 10th, at a press conference of the State Council, the Ministry of Civil Affairs director Chen is put forward which enterprises can develop a community service disease resistance software? This work than donate ten billions. Alibaba and tencent is quickly responded to an appeal by the state, the development and launched a free community epidemic prevention and control of small procedures, which is now the prototype of the domestic many places use health code. Through qr code and code can be achieved through permissions, high-temperature crowd tips, temperature records, outbreak notice and combining identification terminal, can be finished in and out of registration, no contact identity check, reduce the workload community line workers. Office building entrance to use facial recognition identity check terminal a few local governments began to return to work and relieve traffic control, but community, office premises, highway entrances, airports and other epidemic levels still cannot relax. How to quickly determine whether contact personnel have health certificate, the temperature test identity check these two work will cost a lot of time and energy. People fill in personal information by mobile phones, generate health code ( According to the green code, code red, yellow code for dynamic management) , by artificial or scan code identification terminal, people show the qr code as a mobile phone in the flicking a code to identify terminal, can automatically recognize whether personnel from low risk regions, can quickly determine whether personnel in and out of the place, reduce lot identity check work, also reduce the risk of the spread of interpersonal contact, and realize the intelligent digital collection of travel data, upload the cloud management platform, convenient and better to complete the epidemic control and scheduling. Community of users in sky-wave identity check terminal brush some identification terminal id card recognition, even support non-contact temperature test and facial recognition terminal full no contact, can accomplish automatic test and identity check for epidemic prevention and control is more efficient. Sky wave intelligent temperature measuring face recognition TPS980 terminal, for example, with the German Hyman WenXin piece, can achieve the function of fast automatic identification test ( Include face recognition and qr code scanning code identification) 。 At present, the sky wave intelligent temperature measuring face recognition TPS980 terminal has been applied in the domestic part of the residential area. Residents in need of qr code identification terminal scanning the phone or health code, normal temperature and after identity verification can be in and out of the community, and the more convenient and quick, also help to reduce the risk of infection of interpersonal contact. Sky wave temperature identity check terminal TPS980 support test face recognition
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