Help you to rapidly expand the number of chain stores - convenience store cashier system Branch vein

by:Fdata     2020-08-14
Convenience store is usually small, the location where the large flow, convenience store is expanding the scale of development, the sustainable development of convenience stores in addition to the brand, exhibition shop and other congenital conditions, mainly depends on the commodity system, information system and service outlets, branch vein convenience store cashier system can help the store achieve chain operation, centralized purchasing, unified purchase, unified price, unified management, and other functions, the system regularly to customer purchase rate as the basis, the bottom goods elimination system, the introduction of fashion goods in the first, ensure goods velocity, in a relatively short time showed the goods to the customer. Shenzhen knorr tong trade co. , LTD is one specialized is engaged in the chain of convenience stores, market development, operation and management, commodity information consultation and logistics service company, at the same time the knorr store in order to convenient for the service concept, a 24-hour service, need a complete set of solutions to solve the problem of sustainable development in the period of management, establish a unified management platform, for distribution in each community branch chain retail system can realize the comprehensive control. According to knorr convenience stores open 24 hours a day, goods containing the particularity and the characteristics of the service, and stores, need more support points area, business management, own stores and franchisees, etc. Branch vein for knorr provides a comprehensive convenience store chain solution branch vein convenience store cashier management system. Includes the following three aspects: 1. On the surface of the chain management in accordance with the requirements of management, provide branch group management function, and use E-mail notifications etc. Improve the efficiency of the headquarters and branch communication; Through the analysis of the log information help headquarters timely handle each branch daily shop operation situation; Report information, can take in everything in a glance of the lateral comparison in headquarters branch of inventory, sales and gross margin. 2. Inventory management functions of inventory management control is the lifeblood of a master distribution center operations, through 'SanLing' goods, strengthen the dynamic management of inventory goods, SanLing commodity: in selling its or his goods, zero zero stock of merchandise, zero inventory goods) ; Provide automatic replenishment application stores, support distribution center automatic distribution operation, support automatic order operation of distribution center, etc. ; Support the upper and lower replenishment, all sales replenishment, manual replenishment of replenishment model, the system automatically number analysis and scientific advice is given; 3. Product business management functions for commodity classification definition standard markup percentage number, gross margin, standard, index help commodity management based on the data of implementing category management; Support direct purchasing price and place an order, according to the definition of large units can be the top management business, one more, one more packing unit, different store different price; May, in accordance with the store configuration goods business, whether can according to the branch separately the introduction and selection of the commodity.
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