Hong Kong 711 convenience stores access code to pay, outbreaks of mobile payment how to highlight

by:Fdata     2020-05-09
Recently, the WeChat with Hong Kong famous chain convenience store 7 - payment Reach the cooperation, 7-eleven's sweep yards pay can be used in our stores in Hong Kong. Many people may wonder, mainland pay with sweeping code isn't new, why Hong Kong the habit of using sweep yards pay to train up? 711 using sweep yards, brush face payment such as mobile payment is actually more Hong Kong residents use a credit card or prepaid phone card ( Octopus) , that is, the traditional credit card payment. A reason is don't think money put in the mobile phone is safe, but Hong Kong's electronic commerce network without mainland developed, function also does not have the diversity of the mainland ( Can online filling words fee, pay the utilities and traffic fines, etc. ) 。 Although many Hong Kong residents think brush octopus is more convenient, need not take out a cellular phone code to pay, similar to the NFC payments, but also as a public transportation card, student card, entrance guard card use these identity documents, but if the card is lost or stolen brush, easy to cause the loss. Both have their own advantages, but under the outbreak, no contact and code and brush face payment but highlights its advantages. Pay by cash or credit card, all need through the transfer and contact between people. But Saul yards and brush face payment of these methods can realize non-contact payment, to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses. The non-contact self-service register is becoming more and more popular in view of the new champions league pneumonia virus infectious, try to minimize contact between people, such as using contactless temperature measurement, non contact distribution, such as contactless self-help order way. WeiJianWei also advocated, during the outbreak use scan code to pay such as mobile payment. According to the statistics, during the Spring Festival, January 24 - 30) Unionpay network payment transaction growth increased 46. 8%. And new designs for cash, also need to use uv and high temperature disinfection, storage of more than 14 days again put on the market, in order to reduce the risk of cash to carry the virus. Sweep code to pay such as mobile payment, in addition to offer more convenient payment services, under the epidemic prevention and control can also play the role of information traceability. Use cash payments, consumption left no trace, but if you use the mobile payment, which people can know a shop in time consumption. If a patient is diagnosed, mobile payment itself is binding user accounts and data platform can according to the patient's trajectory to track down the consumption of mobile payment field, such as common on buses, trains, flights, etc. , to the relevant personnel, do a good job in isolation in a timely manner. It is also because mobile payment ( Including credit card payment and sweep code) The advantage of the real-name system. These mobile payment information can be rolled into big data, to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control more convenient digital basis.
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