How much money a cashier in 2020 system?

by:Fdata     2020-08-12
Although the beginning in 2020 and is not very good, but life goes on, open a shop is the need to cashier system. So, on the market at present the most basic a cashier system? Small make up today to you for a minute. Recommend two kinds of cash registers to merchants, a no built-in printer, a built-in print, satisfy business requirements. No built-in print: guest safe D2 cash register 58 front printer + + scanning gun gun/sweep the yard + cashbox built-in print: guest safe T2 cash register + scanning gun gun/sweep the yard + coffers T2 series of cash registers and advantages of the built-in printer equipment, bluetooth connection are available, and prices are relatively high. Cashier software, convenience stores, unlike large business super, so small make up recommend guest safe fast pin version. Pay the software with aggregation, member management, and reconciliation statement, the marketing function. Not only that, the software can use a cash register background, APP, small three channels management program, businesses will be more convenient to use. Register the background: a small program:
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