How to realize low cost retail store cashier self-support?

by:Fdata     2020-05-03
With the rapid development of the retail industry, shopping/pay/cashier way more and more diversified, self-help cashier, brush face pay, mobile digital is becoming the trend of the development of new retail. Wisdom science and technology, rich smart shopping experience, become a new retail rapid transformation of the traditional retail to the bedrock. Self-service applications in recent years rapid popularization, supermarkets, stores, integrated formats are increased a lot of self-help equipment, such as the slow cashier pressure at the same time, also bring new experience for the customer. However, there are still many businesses, on the choice of self-service checkout equipment has many limitations. Compared with the large-scale supermarket stores, there are a lot of small community convenience store also are in urgent need of transformation, this kind of small convenience stores set up shop on the street or community, area is also only a few ㎡, main radiation surrounding customers, a small scale because shop area is limited, shop shelves are not bottom, cannot consider more large self-service equipment on the market; In addition, for chain stores, franchise chain form for wide area stores as the main characteristics, the boss wants to update the kiosk at a stroke, in addition to cost a lot of labor costs, the device itself a higher price, also let costs soaring. In view of the existing of self-service equipment on the market covers an area of big, the price is high, it can consider to choose self-help vice screen POS cash registers, with lower prices, smaller size and more flexible method is used to effectively improve the efficiency of cashier. With the method of one machine amphibious, a machine to complete the traditional POS cashier work and meet the needs of self-service checkout, greatly saves equipment dealer cost; Without complex configuration, the home screen can be directly call vice screen self-service pattern, no need to increase equipment, save the store space; At the same time to promote the efficiency of the cashier, more flexible to use the self-service machine, the operator can easily switch at any time vice screen self-help or screen display, customers can pay self-help, can also be a cashier for cash or other terms of payment and settlement. Such self-service devices, can effectively break traditional self-service checkout big limitations such as high cost and equipment, to meet customer self-service cashier experience maximum at the same time improve the efficiency of store cashier, help more stores realize the rapid and advanced to the self-help shopping cashier.
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