How to select the a set of suitable for their own customized intelligent catering system and intelligent system?

by:Fdata     2020-06-18
The era of new food and beverage, intellectualized operation and management has become the important factors influencing the catering enterprises competition. The emergence of intelligent catering management system for easy management provides a short cut food chain enterprise. Catering through hardware and software integration, the combination of the cloud SaaS model, provide integrated solutions for catering businesses. From the point of product function, SaaS system covers from ordering, cashier, booking, line up to the kitchen management, chain management and supply chain management and a series of food and beverage service tools, docking group purchase, delivery and other online platform, through the analysis of the data of full channel full process, generate dimension rich statistical reports. After has such a huge information data base, the need to consider how to select the a set of suitable for their own customized intelligent catering system and intelligent system, to use information data make it a real meal intelligent management. Catering enterprises informatization and intelligent management difficulty difficult one: online didn't get through the past all food and beverage industry ERP is a chimney. The data is not get through, can not to use these data effectively. Although set up software system, software lack the support of data to audit slowly, in the Internet age. Data in real time, system, it is difficult to explore the value of the data. In the Internet age, is need real-time data, its production and use are also need in real time, so the IT construction of the catering industry has failed to keep pace with The Times. Again, such as, there are a lot of people want to order online, and then going to offline consumption, there's a fault. Need a smart systems connect online and offline, and line can automatically receive, don't need specialist, is very simple and efficient. Difficult point 2: member management can't fully hit on membership marketing, traditional food and beverage systems in addition to the stored value, discounts, and other functions, both neither can improve customer loyalty, can strengthen communication between businesses and consumers interact. The past traditional catering accumulated a large number of members, these members are basic entity card before, a lot of card itself alone had a higher cost of the card and card and so on all need the artificial operation, while the member itself is not very good. So we need a system can to understand members' consumption, and formulate the corresponding marketing policy. In addition we should be more development electronic member, member to cater to the needs of the consumers, young people like going out with mobile phones, a mobile phone to solve all problems, perfect electronic members agree with this. The traditional membership card is dealt with customers to spend money or consumption reaches a certain amount, it is for businesses to increase income, but the information channel between merchants and customers is closed. Now we can easily through the customer consumption data to obtain the customer's preferences, interests, consumer behavior, etc. , at this time to convert customers into member, we can put the user's information and data synchronization to their own CRM ( Customer relationship management (CRM) Database, so can more effectively to interact with the client. But the status quo is catering software application, no unified interface, it is difficult to convert the user data easily of each platform for use, so the merchants also virtually increased all kinds of marketing costs. Three difficulties: delivery operation how to improve efficiency and the single most merchants eat-in and delivery operations. A small cash register, either to eat-in customer order, order, cashier, but at the same time receive online delivery orders of different platforms, then one by one after the allocated to hutch and related delivery staff. Big traffic, on average every single order time extension in 1 ~ 2 times, total decline in orders and rate will be multiplied, virtually, loss of passenger flow. Moreover, the delivery order is no more system order, businesses will receive orders on multiple software tips, a slight negligence is prone to leakage. Now in front of the old and new businesses, not do not do delivery, but how to do delivery. Just enter the food market of entrepreneurs, with the old business model to compete with the old brand, want to get rid of traditional pattern into online do takeout, but will not be method, few orders, sales is pale, huge blow to the entrepreneurs. And several old catering enterprises used to own a set of business model, in the face of the impact of the delivery time, had to be on the basis of eat-in take-away, give attention to two or morethings results make hurry-scurry, efficiency is not optimistic. When you see some other food and beverage brands produced in same-store sales orders all grades, that as long as the operation done right, the delivery can be single blasting! And want do take-away meal enterprise boss must throw off the shackles of the traditional model, from the Angle of the delivery and operation thinking. Do food, especially the take-away, rules are very transparent, platform flow bonus is also very low, the original artificial operation part is replaced by a system. So, food enterprises to do take-away, it must dig in terms of product, the understanding of their products, the cognition of their products, to the distinction between the online sale category, is the fundamental of business advantage.
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