If you want to open a shop, you will choose what kind of the cashier system?

by:Fdata     2020-07-24
If after the outbreak of plans to open a shop, what would you plan? If to store selection system, intelligent, how will you choose? Each startup people planning is not the same, different ideas, of course selection is not the same. Shop planning, I believe a lot of people is a mood, planning is very good, if the ground implement sure it is, so just say how to choose the cashier system. After nearly two years of development, intelligent system coverage continues to grow, this suggests that most shopkeepers are constantly changing. Have store owner aside, for new boss is going to open a shop, cashier system should be how to choose? In most cases, the understanding of store cashier system always stay in the biased point, many people feel that the system is a set of stores, bought with good, this is how embarrassing, how is all set up shop cashier cashier system equipment? System is in fact not, the software part of cashier equipment, is the virtual cashier equipment sales statistics cashier, financial management, to help the cashier enters sells saves the management, personnel management and a series of software operation, and the hardware part, is containing the cash register, sweep code gun, cashbox and so on, therefore, when selecting a cashier system, have to understand, is purely intellectual choice smart the cashier cashier system software or equipment. Estimated that most certainly are consulting the cashier equipment set up shop. Here can purchase choice according to the two cases, the first set of purchase, the cashier system software and cash register purchase together, save money, save trouble can be purchased through the electric business platform, also can buy together through product enterprise, usually packaged together to buy if the price will be cheaper, smaller thousands of completely can be done. Second separate purchase, choose the finance system, the development of the stores the cash register small hundreds to thousands of the price, after all, have grade, software price according to the functional requirements, function more expensive, function less price is low. But no matter when, the software update is always faster than hardware devices, so if the plans for the development of the stores need to change in the short term, when selecting a cashier system, still need to consider the overall points, best buy separately. Equipment can carry the latest system software, but if you choose to cashier software and integration of the cash register, replacement cost of equipment will consume more.
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