In 2019, according to the Chinese brush face payment technology applied social value research report shows that 2018 Chinese brush face pay user up to 0. 6. 1 billion people. In 2019,

by:Fdata     2020-06-16
Brush face pay scale is expected to grow to 94 users. 0% to 1. 1. 8 billion people. Will continue to maintain high-speed growth, is expected to breakthrough 2022 size 7. 600 million people. Brush face pay behind the meteoric rise, is the domestic new ai technology, such as facial recognition and complete hardware, communication and data basis the result of joint action. As this year 5 g of large-scale commercial, 5 g must provide more possibilities, let the brush face pay with different platforms, enterprise, in the scene more complete collaborative innovation. Predictably, brush when face after payment into more application scenarios, achieving universal brush face, it's just a matter of time. 01 scan can pay, brush face pay fire had called, high-speed rail, Shared cycling, sweep the yard payment, online shopping is the new four great inventions of the world. Why a new four great inventions, convenience is the key factor. From 2019 brush ChengXinFeng mouth face pay unusually hot and evolution, is still due to convenience. Compared with today's popular payment, brush face the convenience of significantly higher. Do not need to enter the password, even without mobile phones, scan payment has greatly increased the efficiency and safety. This super simple payment method meet the requirement of modern consumers to simple. Pay treasure who share a set of data, 7 - 11 convenience stores had access to brush face payment, online a month of time, users use ratio is more than 6 months before the sweep code to pay online. Therefore, brush a face, the enthusiasm of consumer fundamentally promote the popularity of brush face pay. In addition to the convenience to consumers, brush face pay for merchants, authors synergies, improving operation efficiency and service shop. For example, the checkout line at the checkout counter, 10 commodity users need to 56 seconds to complete the payment, and brush the face only need 10 seconds to complete payment. At the same time, after the introduction of artificial intelligence to brush face equipment, a face brush machine is equal to 1. 5 the cashier counter, equivalent to three cashier staff every day. Brush face pay to a great extent, save the labor cost of merchants. Ai media consulting, according to brush a face payment application help businesses improve operational efficiency, 94 of them. 4% and 89. 6% of dealers said after the access to brush face payment product, its shops customers line up the efficiency and customers are improved. Can say, for businesses and consumers, brush face pay is a kind of a win-win situation. So in the past 2019 years, brush face fresh force has gradually become mobile payment industry, and landing at the speed of visible to the naked eye to related scenario, dinner, shopping brush brush face face brush, brush card face, rides, brush a face, and so on, brush face can pay fu intelligent life, bring them the real convenience and sense of science and technology. 02 brush face to pay the three champions to spread if the development of new technologies, as well as its own convenience is brush face to pay the cause of the rapid rise in 2019, the payment platform of positive directly promoted the brush face to pay the arrival of the first year. Since 2019:1 month, the first brush face pay the mall in wenzhou five horses street appearance; In march, WeChat pays new brush face equipment frog; In April, pay treasure to release 2 generations a dragonfly, and announced that in order to promote brush face pay popularization, invest 3 billion yuan. In August, frog WeChat pay Pro officially released, implement brush face namely, member of connection WeChat large ecological; In September, pay treasure to subsidies canceled 3 billion market, instead of subsidies without limit; In October, unionpay business joint six lines, more than 60 institutions, such as new brush face pay products blue whale; Pay market since last year the whole brush face, ali and tencent on two giant from line to line, pay the application of continuously in innovative ways, swept through the new retail market. At the end of October, unionpay's incoming is to let the market for a new change of tuyere continues unabated. Brush unionpay blue whale breaching, face to pay market direction is formed from the upper reaches of the ali, tencent, brush unionpay and face pay equipment manufacturers, to the middle reaches of the operators and agents, in the end to the downstream retail stores and businesses featured pay industrial ecology. In the larger brush face payment industry, various market layout is ongoing. 035 g commercial gift brush brush face face an outbreak of payment if 2019 is a year pay the wind, the brush is inevitably face 2020 to the outbreak of a year. First of all, 5 g technology of large-scale commercial, new technologies, such as in the AI blessing, brush face pay will be more powerful. Especially brush face payment application in the field of new retail are rolled out, can not only be 5 g and AI is the fastest ground under catalytic application scenarios, also accord with the Internet of things, big data and trend of the development of artificial intelligence. Pay treasure network technology department general manager before WengXinDan at sohu technology 5 g summit has said, in 2019 the first year is 5 g commercial, more convenient, fast, interactive brush face pay is opened in the pilot, with the advancement of technology, on the face eat of time will soon come. There are statistics show that face recognition in the future market will maintain growth of about 20%. Secondly, as to further improve the domestic people face recognition technology, the construction of the national standard can speed up, brush face pay necessary application is more and more widely. Data shows, in August 2019, face recognition to pay as a key development targets are written to the central bank official planned, enough to see what it contains broad prospects and market potential.
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