In 2020 new retail scene application trend, in addition to brush a face payment and self-service terminals!

by:Fdata     2020-06-09
Entering the New Year, China association of payment and settlement of mobile payment and online payment application after working committee in the 153950 survey, more than 88% of mobile payment users know brush face this concept, % 84, users have to use biometric willingness to payment. Brush the face after the popularity of payment in the past year, has got certain recognition. Although the dominant or sweep code of payment, but the majority of mobile payment users think bus subway and hospital should strengthen the mobile payments are by far the most scenarios. The popularity of brush face pay, also began to promote the use of unmanned kiosks. In the past, some need to manually test scenarios, such as the need to verify the station id card lock security, need witness contrast examination, need id card information to register for hotel. Even with id card reading device, but if there is no staff to supervise, the cardholder is also difficult to guarantee certificate master himself. Pick up an id card, for example, a person on the road and use this id for lending, but there is no test id is himself, is easy to cause loss of identity card owner. And with the improvement of the face recognition and brush face payment technology, can very good to fill this hole. Through the facial recognition devices and intelligent hardware such as alipay dragonfly brush face a cash register, can use the 3 d face recognition technology is accurate and efficient face recognition, witness and identity information check. Through the staff operations, without a seconds brush face recognition and face. It can even be extended to food and beverage retail even traffic security application scenarios, etc. Self-help vending machine and self-help cash register, for example, by face recognition can identify customer identity, need to brush card can automatically identify membership, strengthen merchants and members customer stickiness, reduce the damage rate of unmanned focus in retail. Now many traders are introduced brush face payment function of self-service register, is based on improving the efficiency of collecting cashier and enhance customer interaction and the advantages of using brush face pay self-help cash register. In addition to food and beverage retail USES brush face pay + self-help cashier combination, in intelligent traffic, self-help brush face also play an increasingly important role. In 2018, guangdong foshan nanhai automobile passenger depot launched from the ticket to get on the integration of self-help intelligent information terminal. How are they realize unmanned self-help wisdom traffic? The station ticket can purchase tickets through Internet, also can be in the self-service ticket machine in the station to buy tickets, selection of a variety of self-help means to get tickets. Pit into the brake will be brush brush id and face to stop. Face recognition gate station can support id card read, facial recognition, after witness contrast, after confirm the ticket information, can automatically open the gate, without the staff manual operation, increase the passenger traffic flow in and out of the station. Opponents hold bags in the luggage of passengers, brush can free face pulled into the station passenger's hands, it is more convenient to move in and out of the station. Brush past, introducing face payment and self-service checkout cost is higher, and with the alipay, WeChat Internet big head led, brush face pay cash register has become a common shops can afford intelligent checkout equipment, and through the small dragonfly program development, can develop more self-service checkout order, self-help, member of the light, cloud payment functions, such as ground for operators and users are more intelligent, more diversified, more efficient use of experience.
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