In 2020, pay treasure to pay 丨 dragonflies and desktop type brush brush face face a cash register new subsidies

by:Fdata     2020-05-23
Is one hour in the morning is worth two in the evening, spring, a New Year begins, everyone will have the New Year plan. Pay treasure is coming in 2020, launched a new incentive policy. Take a look at pay treasure to the latest policy of brush face pay equipment! Desktop type brush face of subsidy policy to pay the cashier equipment: as the only listed in alipay subsidies desktop type brush face pay cash register, sky-wave brush face pay cash register TPS680C intelligent double screen, also can enjoy pay treasure to state subsidies. Policy options: brush face within 5 months from the next month after the commissioning of the equipment, each natural day brush effectively via the equipment face to heavy real-name users pay treasure of payment for transactions in the accumulative sum 】 × 2 yuan & times; Coefficient. ( This tentative validity coefficient of 0. 35. ) Each brush face equipment in the use of a single natural month subsidy is not more than RMB 800 yuan, during each brush face equipment can enjoy subsidies amount does not exceed 2000 yuan. Alipay dragonfly brush face payment device subsidy policy: time to reward policy: on January 1, 2020 on March 30, 2020, 1, for alipay dragonfly equipment providers: when monthly new buy alipay dragonfly equipment number is greater than or equal to 300 units, and the number of brush face pressure higher than 10 pay equipment accumulated effective pay for users to face heavy brush, can enjoy the perks of 100 yuan each. ( Accounting cycle until on May 31, 2020) A alipay dragonfly service, for example, in January 2020 for the brush face equipment 350 units, including 100 in February to amount to mark, the 100 units will be able to enjoy each new subsidy of 100 yuan, the remaining before May 31 if didn't reach the goal, cannot enjoy subsidies. ) 2, in view of the marketing fund: in order to improve the using alipay dragonfly vendors and customers with enthusiasm, pay treasure to launch the marketing fund policy. During the period of policy ( In January 2020 - March 31) Every new activate a device, can match to enjoy 200 yuan/marketing fund, for consumers the activities of the operation. For example, a alipay dragonfly brush face equipment providers in January 2020 the new activated 100 devices, can enjoy the marketing fund 200 yuan each. The marketing fund can be used as a brush to face pay user random red envelopes, attract more people to the stores using brush face to pay. 3, equipment foundation policy: the period of validity, brush finish alipay dragonfly face equipment, according to 0. 7 yuan/day to heavy brush cumulative effective face users. Seal reward 400 yuan monthly, single equipment top reward 1600 yuan. The above reward policy activity time is September 24, 2019 on March 30, 2020. As you can see, now purchasing alipay dragonfly brush brush face equipment or sky-wave desktop type face pay cash register TPS680C, can enjoy the pay treasure to subsidies. Alipay dragonfly brush face equipment, in particular, for an additional 100 yuan than before perks and marketing fund 200 yuan, for the owners and operators to bring more benefits.
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