In 2020, some thinking about wisdom the dining room. Where is the 'think tank' wisdom cafeteria?

by:Fdata     2020-06-24
The world and we have been changing! Many years ago, in the dining hall also need cash change is very troublesome, later with the meal vouchers, easing directly change the trouble, then pop up a meal card, through radio frequency identification card identity, systematic deduction. No one can stop the pace of technological and social. This one cartoon system has long been popular for ten years, now, is being replaced by the wisdom the canteen system quietly, group meals informatization has become the trend of The Times. What kind of user determines what kind of demand, what kind of products determines what kind of efficiency. Everyone had experience, canteen queue rice very not easy it's your turn, credit card has failed, the staff said card degaussing, need to fill card, and also have to bear the cost. Sometimes lost my meal card, card inside the dinner when there, more can't let people tolerate is also need to charge a queue, in order to have a meal, we very difficult. Now, canteen system popular wisdom, the outside world may be curious about wisdom or even misunderstanding. Canteen is wisdom? Where is the canteen wisdom? Some people think that wisdom dining room is just a concept, or a traditional cajas thinking, don't think wisdom canteen system's wisdom. Wisdom is relative, of course, compared to people again good dining room management system management system is likely to wisdom. But compared to the self-transferred system, intelligent canteen management system has the nature of ascension. Informatization, digitization, intelligent wisdom canteen is the canteen. Dining room to think first of all, the wisdom in the analysis. In the process of intelligent pay, can obtain the data users and food consumption, so as to establish the link with the user, to analyze its dining preferences. By wisdom, canteen system can automatically read and summarize out all food calories, protein, fat and other nutrients, provide targeted health advice for eating and individualized consumption tendency. Second, the wisdom in the management of wisdom the canteen. In the canteen management, when repast peak, queuing, repast became a common phenomenon. Wisdom canteen system has a variety of dining way, for the canteen to choose from. Use, a full face recognition solution system automatically settlement, a second one, precise error-free, greatly save manpower, and canteen management costs down, repast environment is also very orderly. Again, canteen wisdom wisdom in pay. By wisdom, canteen system can realize mobile phone code payment and other payment, to avoid the change in the process of dining, thus improving dining experience and settlement efficiency. Full wisdom treasure the canteen system in providing a variety of dining room with intelligent group meal settlement system at the same time, considering the characteristic of window, Pasta, starch, halal, etc. ) Diversified demand, wisdom to choose consumption machine and WeChat order information application, and provide logistics enters sells saves the management system, make management work more scientific and effective. In addition, full wisdom treasure canteen food AnYun management module, by Ming kitchen bright kitchen, food retention samples, food traceability, detect pesticide residues, and other functions strictly controls the canteen operating safety risk; Full wisdom treasure canteen in ERP system, and fully mining group meal supply chain upstream and downstream potential, advantageous and integration of industry resources, reduce operating costs, canteen continued ascension canteen operating profit, operating ability fundamentally improve the canteen. In fact, the early wisdom dining room to focusing on front-end and back-end function, thinking about what to do to the canteen operations to the most perfect state. Now, more test the bearing capacity of the system and is the wisdom of the canteen iteration. Finally, every field has outstanding thinker. Full treasure to explore in the field of group meal informatization much-anticipated, hope under the joint efforts of belt, group meals informatization process faster and more stable, better!
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