In a large piece of steak 'year only five. 5 tons! Guest as cash registers help authors proposed six butyl fire effect!

by:Fdata     2020-06-21
People always have a special liking for barbecue, Beijing old Beijing principal filter barbecue, Korean barbecue, barbecue buffet, string stores such as emerge in endlessly. In many brand, founded in 2016, six butyl barbecue fire in a short time, got the favour of consumer, boarded the alipay reputation regional rankings, in third party consumer review site's ranking is second to none. 6 d fire barbecue with flat paradise shops, youth shops in Beijing, constant camping ground leaves, wudaokou four retail stores, so how to realize the management of stores, real-time understand the situation of the shop business? 6 d fire chose a guest is like a cloud to provide catering SaaS solution as a whole. Six butyl stores guest as fire products at the end of 2016, six butyl fire and guest as reached a formal cooperation, in its various stores install guest cashier all-in-one onPOS 2 intelligence like a cloud. Use the product for three years, guest as the product of yong-hui feng said to have a more in-depth understanding. OnPOS 2, he argues, is not only a cash register, and the software function of carrying more for store management to provide a full range of solutions. 6 d fire barbecue, since its establishment always promises to provide consumers with fresh food, fresh meat are all on the same day, in order to ensure the quality of the ingredients is consistent, six fire will establish the central kitchen and butyl relying on guest as smart devices, set up a complete supply chain system, make each store can view real-time stock situation, and based on the calculation of system timely to place the order with the central kitchen, ingredients, allocate and transport through the system, avoid to produce waste phenomenon. Guest like a cloud of six fire report business report to provide functional applications, also let yong-hui feng can check at any time by handheld guest as APP each retail store management data, and can log in business management background to see more detailed sales data, targeted to the stores. At the same time, with the aid of the guest as provided by the marketing function, can also help the stores have discount activity, attract new customers, wake my customers. The yong-hui feng was the satisfaction of the guest as sweep code order function. Today, six butyl fire swept all stores all adopt mobile code order, after customers into the store, only need to use their phones to scan the qr code on the table, self-help order can be realized. On the one hand, saves a large amount of manpower cost; On the other hand, the secondary add food makes consumers more convenient and quick, guarantee the speed and accuracy of the order. Guest as self-built delivery platform for businesses to reduce business cost take-out restaurant business is profitable way, the guest as traffic with the help of a private domain concepts introduced a self-built take-out platform, to help businesses in the brand WeChat public account set up delivery platform, and cooperate with shipping agency, the complete delivery distribution business, help businesses authors effect. Yong-hui feng said, 6 d fire are building their own delivery system, based on customer support, like a cloud on WeChat public online delivery platform, the future will be and many fire powder for various forms of interaction, and distributed a lot of preferential, please look! Stores scenario-based upgrade to build a good place for drinking eating meat for 6 d fire roasts the future development plan, yong-hui feng said, will continue to pay attention to product quality, around the public taste, meet the demand of consumer, not blind to open its franchisees, but one step at a time will play a good brand foundation. Six butyl make drinking meat yong-hui feng place special emphasis on the fire, for a long time, six of the fire to show is the milk of human kindness, so that both from the store design and service are ground, let the consumer in the drink to eat meat, can feel the comfortable atmosphere and thick smoke and gas; When want to party with family and friends, mind out of the corner of the restaurant in barbecue shop. Therefore, six butyl fire will pay more attention to service and stores the image of the upgrade. After services, yong-hui feng thinks the 90 consumers more hope when dining with independent space, so the waiter's service to moderately, when customers need help provide warm service, and in its taste, also need to provide a relatively comfortable and relaxed atmosphere and environment, meticulous service anytime and anywhere but counterproductive. Six stores butyl fire scenario design at present, in terms of store design, six of the fire to industrialization of contracted style, can let the customer enjoy the swirl on the premises, large pieces of meat. In the future, yong-hui feng would much rather have stores for scenario upgrade, not only stop at the store now scene design a small scale, but from a departure from the whole store, barbecue in the medium of culture, through the scene reduction, let consumer while enjoying the food street culture and human life, feel to build a food, culture, art, the trinity of consumption patterns. Guest will be like a cloud in the process of six butyl fire upgrade, continue to provide it with several intellectual support, and help its stores realize shop open all guest to vision like a cloud.
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