Industrial-grade long-distance XT6202 qr code scanning guns, ideal for warehousing operations

by:Fdata     2020-05-02
Don't know whether the warehouse staff met the following situation: when goods management once appear larger output, a variety of emergency, emergency needs of the business or in the bar code data collection and data processing appeared many problems, but it all comes down to the use of barcode scanners, from long-term in light dark and dusty demanding storage environment directly led to the scanning speed is slow, difficult to cope with the high strength work, and waste unnecessary time, manpower and capital cost. Under the scene, shenzhen xing tong lian technology co. , LTD. Has developed an industrial scanning gun, using induction read fast, industrial-grade long-distance qr code scanning gun XT6202 as ideal for warehouse operation. Then we will easy to know about the many enterprises are favored by xing tong lian XT6202 industrial scanning gun. Respectively applied to various scenarios under harsh environment, such as logistics warehousing enterprises inventory, electronic manufacturing and industrial production traceability management, highway distance code capture to expend, etc. Secondly we are not afraid to in the process of using the invasion of the liquid, a lot of dust and shock vibration, a variety of harsh environment, it is because of its industrial level. At times it is a combination of excellent software decoding algorithm, and can easily deal with in the intensity of light, outdoor or larger environment scan some high-density qr code, code and the phone's screen print bar code, such as the depth of field, scanning speed is fast enough, the performance is very stable. The gun type appearance design accord with human body engineering principle, comfortable grip with lightweight manufacturing process, greatly reduces the fatigue when high frequency scanning. Shenzhen xing tong content union technology co. , LTD. Main research and development production of laser scanning platform, bar code scanning guns, CCD scanning gun, two-dimensional scanning gun, omni-directional laser barcode scanner, scan module, the above products can provide OEM OEM. Company has many well-known brands to provide OEM service, the factory area of 1534 square meters, at present, the company has passed ISO9000 quality assurance system, the company's products have passed CE, FCC, such as certification. Is the national high and new, shenzhen high-tech enterprises. Certificate of the company has more than 90 patents, including invention patent, copyright, patent for utility model and appearance of patent, etc.
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