Industry is three handsets are very popular with the tobacco industry improve the whole efficiency of supply chain management

by:Fdata     2020-06-17
As is known to all, tobacco brand retail outlets across the country is not only more dispersed, and address, and most of the tobacco industry of the purchase, sale, distribution and inspection work is still in the traditional manual operation mode, not only the human cost is high, the low efficiency, poor timeliness, and error prone. Industry is three handsets as industrial data acquisition equipment, in addition to the widely used in logistics, express, manufacturing, retail, agriculture and animal husbandry, and public utilities and other fields, more is applied in the field of supply chain management from all walks of life, the tobacco industry is one of the best example. In order to improve the level of the tobacco industry informatization, many tobacco companies by using a data acquisition, storage, display/feedback, automatic transmission and the characteristics of the support functions such as access to a variety of management software industry handset to improve the whole efficiency of supply chain management in the enterprises, in order to enhance actual effect. In the tobacco industry, the industry handset specific application in the following several parts: ( 1) Tobacco purchase link data entry: staff according to the data collection terminal ( PDA) Systems specified scattered on classification of yannong sell tobacco and entry to buy tobacco producing area, category, quality, such as data, unqualified to refund smoke tobacco data registration. Tobacco grading: take the same way, through the data acquisition terminal ( PDA) Real-time confirm the tobacco leaf quality levels, all cigarettes, tobacco information to the real-time visualization, an update to the system, fast implementation tobacco accurate procurement, enhancing the management level of tobacco companies for the monitoring of raw materials. ( 2) Tobacco retail sweep code storage: sweep code entry tobacco information ( Origin, brand, quantity) , physical photo archive without hand-written records, high accuracy. Online order: online choose tobacco brand, purchase quantity, use ZKC3503 billed for sales. Convenient and quick. Loading and unloading data updated in real time, stock: stock condition be clear at a glance, inventory faster higher accuracy. ( 3) Shipment delivery accurate delivery: men who use the data acquisition terminal ( PDA) , check the customer order information, including customer name, address, number, amount, delivery order, arrange delivery accordingly. In road tracking: use data acquisition terminal ( PDA) Data transmission function, real-time tracking of tobacco in road condition, ensure the logistics distribution, safe, timely, accurately improve the quality of distribution services. ( 4) Traceability regulated market state of all tobacco production, circulation, sales, following the tracks of the visualization, effectively prevent fraud and sale. ( 5) Inspection of law enforcement personnel use the data acquisition terminal ( PDA) Tobacco monopoly license acquisition related information, compare the real-time joint management system, accurate judgment merchants identity information. Management place photographs taken using handheld terminals, geographic location, an update to the management system. A sharp rise in the auditing work efficiency. We can learn from the above application, data collection terminal ( PDA) Not only can improve the work efficiency and work quality of the tobacco companies, strengthen the control of each link, helping with the tobacco industry informatization and intelligent development. But because of the complexity of the to the industrial environment, data collection terminal may work under harsh environment, generally on the performance, stability, battery durability request is higher, at the same time, you have to use some special design, such as anti-corrosion design, namely, waterproof, dustproof, drop; Therefore used in tobacco industry industry is three handsets will be more, such as shenzhen vision ( RAKINDA) N5S, MV8, N7000R industrial handheld terminals, protection grade is high, can adapt to a variety of harsh field application environment, the service life of five years.
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