Influenced by the outbreak, offline consumption scenarios payment transactions can be said to be under siege, but the other side of the impact, epidemic type for contactless payment

by:Fdata     2020-07-22
Provides a new development opportunities. Payment company in the short term on the total amount of payment for transactions appear the steep decline, especially do pay payment companies, such as a large market share in air travel payment company, because air travel business will be affected by short-term setback. But on the other hand, because of the big house in the home, so the game, trill and other online activities will have a huge range of growth, payment companies will inevitably in the development of these areas for short-term. For payment company, from the outbreak of learning to their payment services to a broad spectrum, can't be too focused on one or a few areas, otherwise the company's business risk is very big. The influence of the outbreak of the payment industry, because of payment behavior is a reflection of the real economy, the national economy overall downward, will directly reflect the payment business. Impact in the following aspects: one is the real economy downward, results in a decrease of payment transactions. The second is affect businesses to expand and maintain. The influence of the three is to business innovation, such as face, fingerprint payment mentioned brush, sweep the yard payment, etc. , because of staff cuts out, the demand for payment services also dropped sharply. However, liu chong also pointed out that the outbreak, the offline economy will accelerate the shift to online. As the online office, the emergence of new forms such as online games, will promote the demand for payment. Accelerate the digitization of offline as mentioned in the above several practitioners, under cover of epidemic, paying some of the business sector has been hit. To this, the financial industry, a senior analyst at analysys Wang Pengbo in an interview with Beijing commercial daily reporter pointed out that the biggest impact is on line, first of all must be business level and the second lot of closed single organization overall digital transformation of offline actually has only just begun, encountered disease need to be temporarily suspended, at this stage should be the amount not to, or wait until the outbreak will see later. However, on the whole, whether the overall DAU ( Number of active users) Or size, third-party payment during the Spring Festival will remain slightly higher. Wang Pengbo pointed out that under the outbreak, payment institutions need to pay attention to two points, one is to ensure that the system will not collapse, the normal operation is the contribution to the nation's largest; Second is to pay for key industries and areas of industry center, especially the industry involves the national economy and people's livelihood, and serious epidemic areas. Beijing commercial daily reporter noticed that despite their businesses, but several payment institutions still give of their own. So far, payment and settlement business measures and more power the epidemic prevention and control, to ensure smooth cash supply and cash, give full play to the advantage of online, and involves specific personnel to extend credit card repayment period of epidemic diseases, from breach of contract, provide the measures for the protection of credit reporting, reduce the burden of affected areas. Including several payment institutions actively using the Internet platform, mobile payment to provide home pay cost, contract and other services for the people, or to use their business platform and customer channel, promoting disease prevention and control measures, or provide charity fundraising channels and platforms for epidemic prevention and control, emergency call for help and support you, if necessary the epidemic prevention front. In the future, pay the agency practice ability is the first emergency response ability, the second or should go deeper into the solution, such as the future of enterprise services must go through a big change in particular, cloud office will become a trend, how to do related user operation and marketing is also a hot spot.
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