Infrared measuring temperature face recognition entrance guard system comprehensive supply support enterprises to return to work safety in production

by:Fdata     2020-07-31
Recently, the prospect of research and development to launch facial recognition terminal temperature detection, used in the management of personnel entering and leaving and entrance guard opened the door and clock in attendance. Is attendance personnel in play, leave, in accordance with the regulations regarding the use of the equipment, through the identification device, the device on the face clock in operation, and cooperate with the gate or door open control, implementation of personnel in and out management. Add the function of infrared temperature measurement, and choose to wear masks and witness the comparison function. Infrared temperature measurement function of face recognition entrance guard three core face recognition: the built-in database, to capture the face local real-time match, and to compare the results generated logs, upload background database access control: based on the results of face recognition entrance guard control switch, and realize to control area of the personnel management body temperature detection: equipment the built-in temperature monitoring module, can be in face recognition, at the same time for body temperature monitoring, vision gets temperature related number of face recognition temperature screening program, to help enterprises build pneumonia prevention and control in the first line of defense! Vision of face recognition temperature measuring machine has been in office buildings, factories, enterprises all over the country park, institutions, such as campus ground use, as companies to return to work, school, intelligent face recognition thermometer will play an important role in more fields.
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