Intelligent double fault handling of the cash register, solve the food and beverage retail shop mechanics worries!

by:Fdata     2020-08-16
For many entrepreneurs restaurant restaurants and convenience stores, food and beverage retail business nature is little not the cash register to complete daily single settlement payment and sales statistics. The traditional cash register, single function, complex operation, is not conducive to the clerk quick-and-dirty operation. Now intelligent on the cash register in the interface and function were improved, function more, including support for sweeping brush yards pay, face, aggregation, payment, can also support group cancel after verification, take-out orders and sweep code order, etc. And these smart cash register to use more simple, the boss and the clerk also need not spend a lot of time and energy to learn how to use smart cash register. Like a special brush when face to pay cash register p15, bring their own 3 d face recognition structure light camera, more professional cashier built-in software, can support pay treasure to brush a face pays, sweep the yard, sweep the yard order, brush face, aggregation, payment, group-buying cancel after verification, take-away spell list, and other functions, meet the demand of food retail stores operating in one. Today's smart cash register has developed for self-service settlement cash register, even can even to the role of partial order clerk. Customers directly in self-service order or the self-help settlement complete calculation and payment, can finish the whole order, order, leaflets, pay the bill, receipt printing process. Smart cash registers, although more and more convenient, but this does not mean that once and for all, if the cash register failure, the owner or clerk or want to know some basic cash register troubleshooting methods. Common fault, respectively, for the cash register are unable to boot, touch screen failure, network connection, flicking decoder can't normal code and receipts to print issue. Cash register unbootable: 1, first check the power interface is good, the cash register and see if there is a wind power fan, no wind, consider replacing cash registers the power cord. If the cash register, the reboot, then consider whether poor contact or short circuit caused by the cash register, can be used to using a multimeter to confirm the first power source is 220 v, and observe if there is a refrigerator, air conditioning and other high-power electric lines, suggested that the vendors use voltage regulator to ensure the voltage stability. Cash register screen failure: boot screen no response after the cash register, can check the power cord and connects the monitor cable is plugged into the cash register. The current tendency is all-in-one the cash register, cash register or cash register the mainboard and display is a body, save cash register socket connection and display the connection step and space. Cash register scanning gun fault: some cashier is linked scan gun, scanning gun can't sweep the yard failure, first check if there is a light scanning gun, if there is no light, check whether the scanning gun wiring is normal. If esau yards but couldn't scan the gun has a light, is in a socket. If there is a light and sound scanning gun, but can't sweep yards, can consider to restore factory Settings. Connected to the cash register cash register can't print receipts: can look for the printer connection is loose, press the print button if there is a paper jam phenomenon, second, is to look at the print status whether it is to open the cash register, make sure the printer port is correct. If the printer is a USB interface to pull plug or try using another port plug.
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