Intelligent face recognition equipment power tourist city economic recovery!

by:Fdata     2020-05-30
Qingming festival small long vacation these days huangshan mountain people herd phenomenon should all have witnessed network, although the first day get caught up in the management is chaotic, the scenic spot doorway and temperature measurement, not check health code, but on April 6, the scenic area management committee official WeChat public release news has launched the emergency response plan, optimize the reservation measures, strengthen epidemic prevention and control ( Scenic spot at the gate of body temperature check + health code check) , optimize the traffic mix, strengthen the passenger flaw. Through the status quo of huangshan tourism recently, we see not hard, although in the case of epidemic not completely reset, but 5 a scenic spot of free and open policy is indeed a lot of temptation. It is understood that to pull the economy and consumption, the tourist city of xiamen also began to enlarge recruit, June 30, state A level scenic spot, holiday public transportation free travel for the convenience of the masses, citizens and tourists on June 30, 2020, in legal holidays and rest days take the subway bus, BRT, free of charge. Implementation of free and open to encourage A level scenic spot, and in addition to suspend open again by the regulation of scenic areas, attractions, June 30, 2020, national a-level scenic visitors free of charge to the citizen, encourage non-state a-level scenic spots for free activities. Because the austral the coastal city of xiamen, gulangyu island, because the secret of the beautiful gulangyu has made many people today. Believe that every been to friends will never forget the city's amorous feelings. Yes, small make up feel summed up in character and style the word xiamen is better. Also let small make up the least is the strict of the personnel management of the city, because the rigor, relatively also let visitors to the city's security and trust to add points. Face verification visit aircraft such as check in hotel must be conducted before the home stay facility id check, even if is a hold in the hands of the baby, is the need for human face check + identity information of carefully check one by one, this is not like other irresponsible city hotel management, in a person or a family, i. e. , symbolically register for only one person at the front desk. So going to travel in xiamen, friends of people including children all documents need to be carry good, is not only the accommodation needs the scene photo entry system, ready for the inspection, gulangyu island by boat tickets also need to check personal ( Includes free child) Certificates, of course, during the period of the outbreak, the local urban management will strengthen the inspection of health, so excellent tourism city, and from the airport high-speed, of course not depart from face recognition temperature + face identification check equipment to help. Application in xiamen airport when rich facial recognition of check system, is the escort thousand wantong the passengers. High-speed face recognition certificate check gate in personal protection, disinfection measures at the same time, actively cooperate with the local city's prevention controls, reasonably developing tourism, travel activities also can be at ease, after all one's life to accompany many of the risk, but life is always need to continue.
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